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Connect with a Local on the Prontopia app for in-person help with how to get around Venice. Avoid stressful, costly, and unsafe mistakes getting from the train station or airport to Venice, or anywhere you need to go, and enjoy a better experience in the city with a friendly Local.

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Prontopia Locals Love Helping Travelers in Venice!



Paul and his family were relieved to have a Local meet them at the airport at 6 in the morning and help them get to their hotel for as little as 35 euro


Rajeev and his friends got help getting from the train station to their tour meeting point in Venice for as little as 15 euro


Su-Lin and her family used Prontopia to get from the Cannaregio hotel to their Standup Paddle activity meeting point for only 8 euro


Florence used Prontopia to help her family arrive to their Airbnb in San Marco from the train station for as little as 15 euro.


  • Australia
    It was like having a friend to share our travels with.
  • USA
    Our Local told us about unsafe places in the city and how to avoid scams.
  • USA
    The Local took our hand and guided us door to door. Incredible service.
  • Australia
    Arriving and leaving the city would have been much harder without our fabulous Locals.

Venice Local Info

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