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Local Spots for Dining in Venice: Antico Pizzo

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

Seeking local spots for dining in Venice means being a little bit adventurous with both the menu, and exploring off-the-beaten path neighborhoods. It is also a way to add a meaningful part of your cultural experience in Venice often ignored by visitors not familiar with Venetian cuisine, or where to go in the city to find quality dining.

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Dining at local restaurants offering fresh, local specialties is also a nice way to visit Venice respectfully and contribute to the sustainability of the city. On the site of a historic osterie serving Venetian cuisine for over 150 years just around the corner from Rialto Market, Antico Pizzo is a great spot for fresh and lively renditions of Venetian seafood favorites. Local chef Riccardo Volpe is legendary for his carpaccio dishes, and recently added a fun new selection of fresh oysters.

Local Spots for Dining in Venice: Antico Pizzo 0

We just couldn’t resist trying these gold-flecked oysters from the northern coast of France with the perfect Veneto white proposed to us by our waiter. We moved on for the main course with the Chef’s Choice, a delightful three course “surprise” selection of the chef’s favorite dishes for that evening, available with your choice of either seafood or meat. The wine list here is perfectly curated with Veneto classics as well as interesting wines from other regions, and offers both value and luxury. The special Antico Pizzo menu this year for celebrating Christmas lunch or New Year’s Eve dinner offer set menus with something for everyone: seafood, vegetarian, meat… The “Poco Crudo, Poco Cotto” menu for the New Year’s Eve “Cenone” highlights the chef’s talents with crudo dishes of oysters and shrimp, a sampler of 3 fish carpaccio and tuna tartar, cuttlefish linguine, lobster salad, seabass ravioli, and deep-fried crab. Joining together for a long lingering seafood feast is the perfect way to enjoy Christmas in Venice like the locals.

Reservations are recommended for both dinner and lunch. We love the quaint location of Antico Pizzo because it is central and walkable, but blink and you might miss it. Finding hidden gems for dining in Venice like the locals, and arriving on time for your precious reservation, can be difficult. This is why Antico Pizzo recommends Prontopia to their patrons. “To have a friendly Local assist our patrons with arriving stress free and on time for their reservation from their hotel or holiday apartment in Venice to the restaurant makes for a better experience for everyone.” Antico Pizzo is a popular spot for Venetian cuisine among Locals, especially for cicchetti and the amazing selection of crudo, so it is a bonus to learn some highlights about what to order and which Venetian wines pair the best while en route to a special dining experience.

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