Visiting Venice in May

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Visiting Venice in May means to enjoy the city in its fullest majesty. Spring has blossomed out and Venice offers her best to locals and visitors.

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The Biennale opens its doors for the next six months. This year, it is the turn of the Visual Arts. On Saturday 11th, a grand opening is expected at the two main venues, the Giardini and the Arsenale for the 58th International Art Exhibition curated by the American Ralph Rugoff who has been the director of the London Hayward Gallery since 2006. His Biennale has the meaningful title of “May You Live in Interesting Times”. If it is an invocation, one should go check if it is fulfilled. The types of tickets are quite numerous but for the moment discounted tickets for early birds are already on sale.

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Venezia Photo produces workshops on photography held by masters of the art. In the splendid scenery of the island of San Servolo (a few minutes away from San Marco by boat, line 20), from May 1 to 4, a number of workshops aimed at beginners, amateurs, and professionals are on schedule on various themes. Since the groups are small, they should be booked in advance with formulas that include the accommodation in the campus of the island.

The Historic Car Venice will take place at Mestre and Lido on May 25 and 26. It’s a gathering of beautiful vintage cars that will be exhibited in several spots in Mestre while at Lido, the cars will race along a 4-km circuit at the crazy speed of 40 kph.

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Talking of Mestre, we want to remind that a very important museum was opened in December 2018. The M9, or Museum of 900, is in the core of the town and reminisces the history of the 20th century in Italy. The first temporary exhibition is a photo show with over 230 pictures taken by 24 great Italian photographers that narrate the 20th-century Italy and will be open until June.

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Since Easter is quite late this 2019, the Feast of the Ascension will be on May 30th. This day, called Sensa in the Venetian dialect, is paramount for the history of Venice because the so-called wedding of the city with the sea was celebrated. Every year, the Doge sailed on the magnificent Bucintoro to the mouth of the Lagoon next to the San Nicolò church at Lido to throw a golden wedding ring in the waters. Nowadays, it’s the mayor to throw a garland. One of the traditional dishes prepared for the occasion is “risi e bisi”.

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The translation “rice and peas” does not give the idea of what it is so I’d recommend to try it, for example at Cantina Do Spade, close to the Rialto markets, that claims to have been open since 1448.

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