Venice Carnival Events 2019

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Carnival in Venice is a hectic time with visitors from all over the world. The list of Venice Carnival events 2019 is quite rich, so this is a compass to help you navigate the city with its cornucopia of attractions.

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Carnival in Venice will start on February 17 and end on March 5. On the first Carnival Sunday, a water parade will strike up the band at 11 am on the Grand Canal and will sail to the Cannaregio district. The following Saturday, February 23, is the day of the Festa delle Marie, one of the oldest events in Venice. It has its origins in the feast of the Purification of the Virgin, the day on which betrothed couples were blessed. The twelve poorest girls were chosen from these couples to be given dowries by aristocratic families and, on their wedding day, they were taken to Piazza San Marco. Today, the girls are selected by a jury and taken on sedan chairs from San Piero di Castello to Piazza San Marco.

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The next morning, the spectacular Volo dell’Angelo (the Flight of the Angel) occurs at the Piazza San Marco. From the top of the Campanile, a young lady attached to a rope flies down. This too has historical origins: in the mid-16th century, a young Turk reached the belfry of the bell tower walking on a rope from a boat and then down to the balcony of the Palazzo Ducale, paying tributes to the Doge.

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On Fat Thursday, February 28, you can join the masquerade at Ca’ Nigra on the Grand Canal. The ticket includes one of the gorgeous masks created by Ca’ Macana, the workshop near Campo San Barnaba that also offer courses on how to decorate your mask. During the final weekend, everyone is welcome to take part in the competition for the best costume: show up at the stage in Piazza San Marco on the mornings of March 1 and 2.

The dramatic Volo dell’Aquila (The Flight of the Eagle) is on the morning of March 3. Prepare for the crowd of revellers filling the city to the brim on the final day of Carnival! Another, final, flight will take place in the Piazza: this time it’s the winged lion’s turn! A flag with the lion will be raised up to the Campanile but before this ceremony, the most beautiful Maria will climb the stage. After that, it’s fun until dawn!

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