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Unique Things to Do in Rome in October

December 14th, 2019 by Prontopia

Are you wondering about things to do in Rome in October? Keep reading and you will find out what to do! October is probably the best time to visit Rome, actually. The city is less crowded, locals are back to their regular lives, and the unbearable summer heat seems to be a thing of the past. Let’s get started!

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Unique Things to Do in Rome in October 0

Stroll Around and Eat Ice Cream

After the flocks of tourists leave (along with the hot sun and annoying mosquitoes), Rome gets easier and more enjoyable to navigate. All of a sudden, there’s more room to walk and shorter lines in museums!

Take advantage of the legroom by starting your personal quest for the best ice cream. This is always one of the best things you could do in Rome in October.

Parks and Recreation

If you are traveling with children and a different museum every day is too much, you can bring your kids to a number of playgrounds and parks, or take them horseback riding and boat riding in Villa Borghese. Rome also has only of the biggest green areas in all the cities in Europe. Just ask a local for more information about all the parks there are to discover with your kids.

Your kids will definitely remember this October!

Marino Wine Festival

If wine is your thing, you can’t miss this festival! The first wine festival was in 1925 and it is still a hit today. It takes place every year on the first weekend in October. This year’s dates are from October 4th to October 7th.

The festival is famous for the Renaissance costume parade that takes place after the also famous procession in honor of the Madonna di Pompei. Then, of course, there’s wine! Wine fountains, stands with local wine and products, music, and more entertainment make the festival a must.

Unique Things to Do in Rome in October 1


Who says that comics are just for kids or teenagers? If you are in Rome between the 3rd and the 6th of October, do not miss the international comics convention held at the Fiera di Roma. The topic of this exhibition is comics, video games, cinema, and animation. Whether you’re a faithful fan or a casual browser, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy!

Unique Things to Do in Rome in October 2

Roma Sposa

This might be a special idea for the ladies on things to do in Rome in October.

If you are planning a wedding (or if you just like the idea of weddings) you should check out this event held in the Nuvola Convention Center. From October 3rd to the 6th, you will learn everything there is to know about organizing a wedding. There are ideas about dresses, flowers, decorations, themes, and much more!

Halloween in Rome

Even though Halloween isn’t an Italian holiday, it has become a popular celebration in Rome in the past few years. You can take part in parties at pubs, restaurants, and clubs as a way to celebrate it!

For the little ones, the amusement park, Lunaeur, organizes parties and parades for kids from October 31st to November 3rd. Trick or treating between rides will make your little ones pretty happy!

Unique Things to Do in Rome in October 3

Eating Out (Restaurants in Trastevere)

Among the many things you could in Rome in October, you most certainly need to eat. Trastevere is famous for the many restaurants where you can eat typical Roman cuisine without being scammed by touristy menus. Testaccio and Ostiense have lots to offer as well.

Unique Things to Do in Rome in October 4

Frida Kahlo Exhibition

If you like art, this could be something to do in Rome in October. Spazio Eventi Tirso hosts an exhibition of one of the most famous female artist, Frida Kahlo, starting from October 12th. You will find letters, paintings, and pictures in collaboration with modern technology for a textured experience of this Mexican artist’s life.

For more information about Rome in October, don’t forget to get in touch with one of our locals to have a stress-free Roman holiday!

Photo Credits: Autumn in Rome (Photo by Steve Coleman on Unsplash), Grapes (Photo by Nacho Domínguez Argenta on Unsplash), Comics (Photo from Unsplash), Pumpkins (Photo from Unsplash), Restaurant in Trastevere (Photo by Miguel Ángel Sánchez-Guerrero from Unsplash)


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