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World Cleanup Day In Italy

September 18th, 2020 by Roberta Bianchi

World Cleanup Day In Italy

World Cleanup Day In Italy  0

World Cleanup Day in Italy came into being after the Estonian cleanup initiative in 2008. It was in 2008, in fact, that an Estonian entrepreneur Rainer Nõlvak organized a cleanup informative event to spread awareness on the situation of abandoned waste in rural and naturalistic areas of the country. The participation in the event was 50,000 people, practically a quarter of the Estonian population!

Following the success of the event, many countries joined the cause and organized similar events. In 2012, the NGO Let's Do It! World which is, to date, the main organizer of the World Cleanup Day and related events, which took place in 2018 and in 2019.

Today World Cleanup Day is a global social event, carried out by volunteers from around the world in more than 170 countries. Specifically, the World Cleanup Day in Italy has seen numerous organizations from Rome to Milan join the cause and organizing mass cleanup actions. To join the cleaning event, as an organization or individuals, during the year it is possible to register on the organization's website, following the instructions provided.

Those who won't be able to personally attend are encouraged to take part virtually with a digital cleanup: each of us crowds the memory of phones, computers, or tablets with superfluous data; why not clean up there too? A symbolic gesture that can make us all feel united for the same cause, also giving the possibility to guarantee longer life and greater efficiency to our devices, thus reducing the CO2 impact.

The official date of the Cleanup event is 19 September 2020 but in Italy it will be a little different for some cities. Let's see why.

What's up with World Cleanup Day In Italy?

This year, the cleanup date is September 19th. However, this date coincides with the Italian referendum. This referendum was called at an extremely tough time, not only for the temperatures due to the political situation inside the country, especially after Covid.

Thus, some organizations that usually join the World Cleanup Day in Italy have decided to put civic duty before environmental commitment, postponing the date of the cleanup in Italian cities by a few weeks.

World Cleanup Day in Venice, Italy

This year, Venice is again among the cities that will join the World Cleanup Day, but on a postponed date this time.

The cleanup in Venice will take place on 4 October 2020. Meetup point: Sant'Alvise Ferry Stop at 10 am

Prontopia, like every year, has decided to join the event organized thanks to the collaboration of several local associations, including Plastic Free - Venice Lagoon ONLUS, CNR ISMAR and the European project marGnet, in collaboration with VERITAS, AVA.

Those who will participate with Prontopiaw will also get the chance to take action from a typical Venetian boat, brought by Row Venice.

All those who want to take part in the event are welcome. Furthermore, in order to guarantee the safety of each participant, all prevention and distancing measures will be implemented.

Do you wish to help the Lagoon together with Prontopia? Fill the following to confirm your participation

To join and for any questions, contact Prontopia via Whatsapp +39 328 281 0022 or via email

Roberta Bianchi

Roman living in Venice. Plant lover, avid reader and seasonal yogi

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