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Want to join us as a local in your city and earn money while assisting others? As a local you can truly make a difference in your community. With flexible work hours of your choice, all you need is a helping hand and a smartphone.Become a Local
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is there for you and your loved ones

General assistance - getting around

Sometimes you just need a little help getting where you need to go. A Prontopia assistant will help you arrive at your doctor’s appointment or run errands with you while helping you safely navigate public transportation.


Prontopia offers the gift of companionship to you and your loved ones. You can enjoy a friendly conversation, take a walk in the park, play some board games, or simply enjoy being in one another’s company.


Prontopia helps you and your loved ones check off all of your errands. A Prontopia assistant can pick up your groceries and deliver them to your home, or lend you a hand with other everyday errands.

Assistance with Technology

Prontopia will assist you and your loved ones with all of your digital needs. A Prontopia assistant can help you use the computer, your smartphone, social media, the TV or any other form of technology.


Finding your vacation rental or hotel: stop looking at your phone and start enjoying the view! We can meet you at the train station, airport or city center and help you find your vacation rental, hotel or tour while providing great local tips along the way. We'll even help carry your luggage.


Navigating public transit: avoid buying the wrong tickets, getting lost or worse yet- getting fines- with expert help on how to get around the city using the metro, vaporetto, bus or train. We'll even ride with you if you want the company and a little extra safety.


Translating unanticipated needs: translation apps are great, but sometimes you just need someone to explain something for you- local to local. Whether you need something at the pharmacy, have a long list of allergies to explain at restaurants or need help finding the perfect authentic gift, our local experts ensure you get what you need at a fair price.

makes travel stress free


Pre-schedule to be met when you arrive.

A Prontopia Local can meet you upon your arrival at the airport, train station or anywhere nearby. Whether you prefer to walk or to use local transportation, having a trusted local friend prevents expensive mistakes and provides a safe and no-stress experience.
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Getting to Your Hotel or Vacation Rental

Save time, don’t get lost, be safe and enjoy your arrival. Prontopia Locals help you with getting to your accommodations, lend a hand with your bags and answer any questions you have about what’s nearby – a local friend.
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Getting Around In-Trip

Have a Prontopia Local show you the way to places of special interest, help with securing entrance tickets, tell you what restaurants the locals love most and help you to get to an appointment for an excursion on-time.
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Shopping and Discovering Local Places

From the pharmacy to the fish market, it can make a world of difference to have a Prontopia local translate your needs. They can lend a hand with carrying shopping bags and point out great places nearby.
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