Prontopia Policies


For us there is nothing more important than respect and attention to the needs of others. Respect for opinions, habits, beliefs and lifestyles of others.

The Provider is, therefore, requested to be affable, friendly, communicative, kind and courteous and to speak fluently both the language of the place where the Work performs, and at least the English language. Furthermore, he or she must have a well-groomed appearance.

The Customer must always remember that the Provider tries to give him or her a punctual and precise service and therefore the Client will also too to behave with good manners and respect.

Thus, for example, if the Customer wishes to cancel the booking or the Contact requested and already accepted by the Provider, it is required to process the cancellation in time through the App with the appropriate procedure or promptly notify the Provider of the cancellation by message 60 minutes before the time fixed.

Once the Work has begun, the Provider will ask the Customer how they can assist him or her: if the Customer has a specific destination (such as an apartment or a restaurant) it will be the Provider’s concern to ask for check-in or destination information.

The Provider will be required to ask if he can help the Customer with light luggage or purchases, and will also be required to decide if it is the case instead of calling a porter or another type of third aid in case the weight or bulk of these is excessive.

The Customer must also try to facilitate the Provider in the execution of the Work and not to burden them with excessive weights or impossible requests.

The Provider does not have to know everything, but it is more important to know how to quickly find an answer. For example, the Provider can always have references or notes on his mobile phone to be consulted quickly. However, the Provider will never say “I do not know”, but instead “let me find out”.

For example, the Provider is, however, required to know in principle how to move, and which means of public transport are available, at the meeting point with the Customer (eg at the airport, at the train station etc. ) and in the city where the Provider operates (bus, tram, metro, vaporetti, etc).

In all cases, we all appreciate the patience in providing a service or in receiving it ….



The Provider operates with a timed service and the App calculates the cost of the service from the moment the Provider meets with the Customer until they separate. It is therefore in everyone’s interest to be punctual.

The Provider is always free to make him or herself available within the App deciding in full autonomy when and how to be found free on the App. Therefore, for the Provider, time is as important for the Customer who has to pay for the service.

For us it is therefore important that everyone respects the timing of the other.

As soon as the Contact is accepted, the Provider has the obligation to contact the Customer (via SMS, message with online messaging service, call), introducing him or herself asking for confirmation of the day / time / place of the Contact and all other logistical information appropriate, so that the Contact can be made easily and easily. This must take place as soon as the Contact is booked, or as soon as possible.

Likewise, the Customer is required to respond to the message or call of the Provider before the start of the Contact.

It will be the responsibility of the Provider to find the Customer in the place and time indicated in the app and described by the Customer, who is required to communicate any delays or other information that may be useful to the Provider.

Once accepted, the Provider has the obligation to complete the Work and cannot end it or leave it incomplete. In case of problems, before or during the Work that limit or make the service impossible, the Provider has the obligation to communicate it without delay to Prontopia.

If the Customer should delay his arrival and the Provider should be unable to receive it, it will be the Providers’ duty to promptly communicate it to Prontopia (via SMS, message with online messaging service and / or call).

It will be the responsibility of the Provider to tell how long it will take to complete the Work or to reach the destination and for which road it is proceeding.

It is very important that the Provider keeps the Customer informed of what is being done and that the latter signals any problems to the Provider.



As soon as the request of the Contact is confirmed, the Provider will get in touch with the Customer, who is free to contact the Provider at any time.

Once the Work is completed, everyone must try to keep the information that the other person has acquired confidential.

No one shall use the personal data (mail or mobile) to contact the other person, Customer or Supplier, without his prior consent.

When the Provider is available on the App, it will be anonymous. Only when you accept the request of the Contact, the Customer can see the photo, the name and the telephone number of the Supplier and vice versa.



If the Customer were to ask for something that the Provider cannot do, such as a Guided Tour, it will be the Provider’s concern to indicate the legal limits of his service and give valid options to the Customer (such as find a tourist accompanier or a travel guide).

Likewise, the Customer must not ask the Provider for any information or services that might put him in difficulty or that are not permitted or legal according to local laws and practices.



If applicable, and in the absence of subscriptions, it will be the responsibility of the Customer to pay the public transport ticket to the Supplier. The Supplier cannot receive money, but only the ticket.

Prontopia is not responsible for the last-minute cancellation of the Customer Contact. If the Contact is cancelled before 60 minutes from the time shown on the app, and without the Customer having first warned, the Supplier will receive compensation.



Customer minors are not allowed. However, an adult Customer can reserve a Provider for a minor who is a parent or legal supervisor, taking full responsibility for it.



The User, Customer or Supplier, shall enter in the App an active and working cell phone number otherwise Prontopia will not work.

Before and during the supply of the Work the user must have the battery of the device well charged, the GPS activated and an internet connection, otherwise the App may not work.

The Supplier can begin to calculate the contact time only and only when it is in the presence of the Customer.

The time marked and communicated on the device of the Supplier is the only one that is considered as the start and end time of the Contact with the Customer.

If the device of the Supplier, where the App is installed, goes out before the end of the Work, the Contact time will be calculated only until the mobile phone has switched off.

If the Provider should have any technical problem with the App it will be his / her right to communicate it promptly to Prontopia (via SMS, message with online messaging service and / or call)


Comments and evaluations of Suppliers and Customers

Every time a Contact is concluded, each User, Supplier and Customer, will have the opportunity to vote for their approval, from 1 to 5 stars, where 1 is the minimum and 5 is the maximum. The average of the received assessments will be visible each time a Customer is connected to a Supplier and vice versa.

If a Customer gives a negative review of the Supplier (1 or 2 stars) Prontopia will open a ticket to verify the incident and if there is a misconduct of the Supplier disciplinary measures will be taken that could result in the cancellation of the Supplier’s account from the Platform.

Any complaints or comments can be directed to