Single Delivery Fee $12

If you need Prontopia just for grocery delivery it's $12 for each delivery. A trusted Prontopia assistant will receive your grocery list, shop at your favorite shop, and deliver to your house at the time you prefer.

1-Month Subscriptions for weekly grocery shopping/errands $40

Save money with a monthly subscription for grocery shopping once a week at your favorite shops

Pay as You Go

For in-person translation, caregiving support, and general city concierge, we charge affordable pay-as-you-go rates equivalent to $20/hour, timed by the minute. All charges occur at the end of the service


If you need Prontopia for different services or more frequently, please contact us at for an affordable and personalized quotation based on your needs.

With assistants that can provide local guidance.
In adventures unique to your destinations.
Never get lost or delayed when traveling abroad.