Where to Store Your Luggage in Venice

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

There are numerous options to where to store your luggage in Venice as you're figuring out how to get around. The most obvious places are the airport, the train stations, the port, and the car terminal. Understanding how to get around in Venice with luggage can be difficult.

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Marco Polo Airport

The Marco Polo airport has a left luggage service in the arrival area, near entrance 1, open every day from 05 am to 10 pm, at €7 per bag for the first 6 hours plus €0.30 per hour thereafter. In Piazzale Roma, near the people mover station, is another storage open every day from 6 am to 9 pm at €7 per bag per 24 hours. The left luggage service at the train station is open from 06 am to 11 pm and charges €6 for the first 5 hours, then €0.90 per hour until the 12th and €0.40 per hour after the 12th. Should you arrive by sea, call Portabagagli del Porto di Venezia (+390415334734, +393498635666) and someone will arrive to assist you.

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More choices have recently become available, all bookable online. The fares are cheaper and simpler, so you won’t need a calculator to check which is the most convenient service.


Nannybag watches over your possessions in several places for €6 per day per bag. In Venice, they have twelve storage points (with different opening times) in vital locations, from the train station to St. Mark’s Square. Once you’ve booked, you’ll receive an email with the precise address. They guarantee a 3-minute tops check-in. Quick!

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The local version of these global services is Vaise (that means suitcases in Venetian). Two storages, near Rialto and near piazza San Marco, with boxes big enough to accommodate up to four trolley cases. Advance booking is not compulsory and the price is €2.50 per hour per box, while for over 5 hours it’s €12.50 per day. They are open every day from 8 am to 9 pm. It seems more expensive but it’s actually convenient if your bags fit in one box.

Easy Luggage

If you want to spoil yourselves, try Easy Luggage, a service offered by Trasbagagli. You can leave your bags at the hotel, go for more walking and shopping, and will find them at your departure point, be it the airport, the train station, the port or the bus station. You need to fill a form and ask for a quote.


Stasher offers a convenient, safe, and affordable way to store your luggage while you travel so that you can enjoy the journey. Stasher is the world’s first luggage storage network that connects you with hotels and stores that can keep your luggage safe. With award-winning customer support, no need for cash due to online on-demand booking, and no size restrictions, Stasher provides the perfect in-trip solution to help you enjoy your travels.

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