Visiting Venice in October

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Spring and fall are knowingly the best periods to travel to subtropical areal, thus visiting Venice in October can be a real delight! Acqua alta may briefly appear around full and new moons. Walking is still quite manageable, just follow our tips

Venice can be a difficult city to navigate. Get where you need to go stress-free – schedule a Prontopia local to assist you today!

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Enjoy Walking Around

Fewer visitors are in the city and strolling aimlessly is an unparalleled pleasure. In addition to the many landmarks, Venice is a city that has to be discovered in the small details and this can be done by walking around. From the Piazza to the smallest , please feel like at home.It is fun, especially with kids, to put your map aside and follow your instinct in the narrow calli. It will be serendipity.

From the water, it’s lovely to take line 1 or 2 of vaporetto along the Grand Canal. Take the older boats that have seats in the front: the 45-minute cruise is worth the price.

It needs to be underlined how much the cooler weather of this month is a relief, after the mugginess of the summer. As you can see from the chart, temperatures are in the 20s°C (70s°F) and most days are sunny. 

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Sant’Erasmo Festival

On the first Sunday of October, the place to be is the island of Sant’Erasmo for the “Festa del Mosto”. Grapes have recently been harvested and it’s time to taste the juice.Although the name refers to the wort or must, the festival celebrates a sort of torbolino, a variety of wine from white grapes, not totally fermented, cloudy, slightly sparkling, and sweetish.

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Yearly October Marathon

The last Sunday of the month is Marathon day. The first edition was in 1986 and today the requests exceed the limit of 8,000 entries set by organizers.If you feel like having some action, enroll on their webpage for the full 42km or the shorter 10km race. Otherwise, it’s fun to watch the arrival at the Giardini.

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