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Venice Wi-Fi Connection

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

Venice can be a difficult city to navigate. Get where you need to go stress-free – schedule a Prontopia local assistant to help you today! Here's our top tips for how to get around Venice.

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How to Locate Wi-Fi Hot Spots in Venice

Many bars and local businesses offer free Wi-Fi to customers. Even if you have an international data plan for your phone, among Venice’s narrow inner streets, connectivity can be poor. Do not despair! You can pop in to the nearest bar or café, order a coffee or a spritz, and ask for the guest name and password to connect your smart phone to the internet. We recommend this to Prontopia  as a convenient solution for successfully requesting help from a friendlyLocal if they happen to be in an area with poor cellphone reception.

Venezia Unica “Rolling Venice” Wi-Fi Packages

In addition to local businesses in Venice who offer Wi-Fi, the City of Venice publishes a map of free Wi-Fi spots in key areas of the city, such as the train station, Strada Nova and Piazza San Marco. A map of these free Wi-Fi hotspots is available on the city’s Digital Citizenship website here.

For stronger and more dependable Wi-Fi access, the city has a paid option, known as “Rolling Venice offers access to their public Wi-Fi network available for purchase through Venezia Unica.

To access the Rolling Venice service, from your device, select “VeniceConnected” from the available network list, and click connect. If you do not see VeniceConnected as an option, you are out of the network coverage area, and should consult the interactive map to locate the nearest access point. Next, open your favorite web browser, and you will see a list of the websites that are accessible through the free Wi-Fi network. If you have purchased a Rolling Venice pass, click on the website “Rolling Venice” and enter your user name and password.

The strength of the Rolling Venice connection is reported as not always reliable. So if you find that this option is not working, it’s always good to go to plan B and pop into a bar or café.

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Wiman Free Wi-fi Venice App

The Wiman Free Wi-Fi Venice App for Androids devices is a helpful resource for locating all businesses that offer free Wi-Fi to guests around the city. An interactive map of 24,604 mobile free WiFi hotspots in Venice is available through the app, both offline and online. If you have an iPhone, you can also access the map of hotspots online through the Wiman website here.

Prontopia Free Wi-fi Point, Piazza San Marco

Users of Prontopia can also access our free wi-fi hotspot between the Giardinetti Reali vaporetto stop and Piazza San Marco (see map here). The hotspot is found at the third souvenir cart in from Piazza San Marco. Simply ask for the login details for Prontopia! You will also see a sign on the cart for “Prontopia free wifi.”

Venice Marco Polo Airport

The Venice Marco Polo Airport has free Wi-Fi available from anywhere in the passenger terminal, as well as from several Internet kiosks from within the terminal building. To connect to the free WiFi at Marco Polo Airport, select “Venice Airport Free Wifi” in your WiFi settings. When you open your browser, you should be taken to the Boingo Hotspot login page. Click on “Get Online Now!” and select “Complimentary Wi-Fi 6 hours” and your device will be connected. For more Venice airport tips, read our guide on How to Get from Marco Polo Airport to Venice City Center.

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