Venice Italy Discount Cards

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Venice enjoys a bad reputation for being overly expensive. Transportation and museums are not cheap, while eateries deserve some research to find good inexpensive ones. Luckily, visitors may put aside some of their travel money for something more rewarding if they get one of these Venice Italy discount cards to help them get around Venice.

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The most useful is Venezia Unica. You can create your own card and choose what you need while in the city.

For example, you can shop and put in your cart the transportation ticket (singles or daily or longer), the pass to some of the museums and churches, the bus or boat to the Marco Polo airport, the Piazzale Roma parking, and street wi-fi. There also three set cards – silver, gold, and platinum – if you don’t want to bother browsing.

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The Chorus Pass can be bought with the Venezia Unica or separately. It allows free entrance to 18 churches for €12 or €8 for up to 29-years-olds. The ticket for each church is €3: do the math and decide if it is good for you.

Another reason to have the Venezia Unica pass is that you get discounts in many venues, too. Cafès, restaurants, clubs, shops offer benefits to the holders: just show your voucher.

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It is cheaper to buy your tailored Venezia Unica online. Once purchased, you will be emailed a voucher with a booking code.

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In Venice, you can collect your vaporetto and bus pass at a machine by entering the code or at one of the many counters around the city. The voucher only is necessary to enter the museums, churches, and whatever else you picked.

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Be aware that the machine where to collect your pass is red. Do not get confused with the bigger yellow ones that sell vaporetto and bus tickets (here some tips for their use).

In case you decide only in Venice to have a Venezia Unica pass, you will have to go to the office at the Santa Lucia railway station.

The transportation passes must be put near the validating machine every time. If you have a pass for one, two or more days, its validity starts from the moment you use it for the first time.

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Finally, an ISIC or ITIC card also grants few benefits at museums and restaurants.

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