Taking the Ferry from Naples to Ischia

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Ischia is one of many stupendous islands that Italy lays claim to. Surrounded by the waters of the Gulf of Naples in the Tyrrhenian Sea, a visit to this volcanic island doesn’t mean you’ll be rained down on by lava. Instead, you’ll enjoy laying on one of the many gorgeous beaches, soaking in the natural warmth of the hot springs, and perusing the mountainous terrain. But before you can embark upon a journey through Ischia, you need to take one to Ischia. Since it’s an island, you’ll need to travel by boat. Fortunately, Naples offers prompt and courteous ferry from Naples to Ischia.

taking the ferry from naples to ischia


Ferry access depends on season, with April to October being the “busy season,” but with as many as 30 opportunies per day to reach Ischia from Naples and four different companies to use, you don’t have to worry about being pressed for time when it comes to booking a trip. Below is a breakdown of the companies based on how frequent/how long their trips are.

Medmar: 5 per day, 1.5 hour

Alilauro: 12 per day, 1 hour

Caremar: 7 times, 1.5 hour

Caremar (Hydrofoil): 6 times, 1 hour

You’ll need to check the schedule the week you’re in Naples for departure times. Departure locations can vary based on what service you’re using. For instance, the 90-minute Caremar ferry departs from Calata Porta di Massa, while the 60-minute one departs from Molo Beverello. Variables, such as weather, can also add to the total trip time. Ferries also allow you to board your car if you wish to drive around Ischia. Be advised: the great bus and taxi service on the island means that using a car isn’t likely to be necessary, especially given how hard it can be to come by parking.

taking the ferry from naples to ischia


You can purchase your ferry tickets online, through Direct Ferries. This lets you choose your departure time as well as your return. Buy with as much advance notice as possible so that you aren’t hit by the higher costs of a later purchasing time. If you’re planning an extended trip to Italy/Naples, you should try to spend at least one night at one of Ischia’s fantastic hotels, such as the Hotel Villa Rita or the Hotel Villa Miralis. 

At least one island destination needs to be crossed off your list when you come to Italy. Ischia is as great of an island to visit as any other, and the ferry ride there and back can be a pleasure that prepares you up for the pleasures of your destination. 

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