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Marco Polo Airport vs. Treviso Airport

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

Most cities are lucky to have even one quality airport. Venice, Italy is blessed with two: the Venice Marco Polo Airport and the Treviso Airport. However, while either airport will serve as a winning introduction into the wonders of Venice, they each serve different needs when you're arriving to Venice. This guide called Marco Polo airport vs. Treviso airport will help you to determine which airport is right for you.

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Airlines: Marco Polo vs. Treviso Airport

As Venice’s international airport, Marco Polo is serviced by far more airlines than Treviso. While Treviso has flights from Wizz Air, Ryan Air, and Albawings, Marco Polo’s extensive list includes Aeroflot, easyJet, Australian Airways, and American Airlines. Those who are departing from outside of Europe will be all but guaranteed to arrive at Marco Polo.

Shopping and Dining near Marco Polo Airport vs. Treviso Airport

If you need to pick up the certain something or get a bite to eat after a long flight, there are plenty of options at Marco Polo. Stores at this airport include Burberry, Best Buy, World of Venice, and Sunglass Hut. You can also get food at places like Bricco Restaurant, Culto Café, or Gelato Di Natura. There’s a good amount of shopping available at Treviso, with stores like World of Venice and Elite Travel Retail, but there are still fewer options than Marco Polo. Dining at Treviso is limited to Bricco on the first floor.

Transportation To and From

Marco Polo is only about 8 miles away from Venice’s centre and can be reached via bus, waterbus, train, airport shuttle, taxi, or water taxi. Treviso is approximately 23 miles away from Venice’s centre, and the options are more limited. Buses are available, but only from 8:35 a.m. to 10:05 p.m. There are neither water buses nor trains or water taxis. You can also rent cars from companies such as Hertz, EuropCar, Autoeuropa, Locauto Rent, Maggiore, and Sixt. Car Hire is available from Firefly at Treviso, but not Marco Polo. More info on how to get from Treviso airport to Venice can be found on our previous article.

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Since the travel time is longer (40 minutes compared to 20 minutes from Marco Polo), fares for shuttles and taxis are higher. While shuttle costs start at €30 per person from Marco Polo, they begin at €33 from Treviso Airport. Taxi fare can be more than doubled, with access to Piazzale Roma costing approximately €40 from Marco Polo and €85 from Treviso. Should you elect to take a water taxi from Marco Polo, you should be advised that it can cost up to €150. Take a look here for info on how to get from Marco Polo airport to Venice.

The most affordable rental cars at Marco Polo range between €57 and €102. At the intermediate level, they are available from €182 to €231. Luxury cars are available from €570 to €691. At Treviso, rental cars range between €70 and €118,. Intermediate ones are priced between €207 and €267, and luxury ones are priced between €570 and €691.

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Hotels Near Marco Polo vs. Treviso Airport

There is lodging near both Marco Polo and Treviso. Hotel Marco Polo is rated 3 stars and costs  €56 per night. Near Marco Polo, there is also Hotel Venice Resort, rated 4 stars and costing €69 per night. Near Treviso, there is Al Fogher, rated 3 stars and costing €74 per night as well as Hotel Continental, rated 4 stars and costing €85 per night.

We hope our Marco Polo vs. Treviso Airport guide helped you on your choice! Let us know your comments and feedback in the comments below.


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