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Late Night Transfers from Pisa Airport to Florence

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

For many, travelling to Florence means arriving at Pisa as it’s the closest, biggest airport to fly to. Although it might be tricky to arrive at Pisa at night without a plan, there are a few ways to get to Florence safe and sound in the night-time. Overall, public transport ends around midnight or later and starts again at 4 or 5am, though this may vary according to the means of transport you pick. Let’s see together the late night transfers from Pisa Airport to Florence.

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Late Night Transfers from Pisa Airport to Florence 0

Night bus transfer from Pisa Airport to Florence

Even though buses aren’t very frequent at night, there is a nightline bus you can take from just outside the airport. You might want to check the timetable in advance and even buy your tickets (which cost 12€ per person), though you can also buy them on board. You will be arriving at Santa Maria Novella railway station in 1 hour and 10 minutes

Pisa Mover & Train from Pisa Airport to Florence

Alternatively, you can travel from the airport to Florence by train. Since Pisa Airport is not directly connected to Pisa by train, you can take the Pisa Mover Shuttle, which is a sort of tramway, get off at Pisa and then take a regional train to Santa Maria Novella (Florence). The stop is just outside the check-in B area and up the staircase or lift; you will recognise it from the green tubes you can see in the picture. The travelling time is around 1 hour and a half and the total cost is 11.30€. You can buy tickets in advance on the Trenitalia website or from the machines. Regional train tickets are valid for 4 hours from the time of the journey you pick (i.e. a 10am ticket train is valid until 2pm). 

Taxi at Pisa Airport

If you don’t like the idea of arriving at night and getting on public transport, you might want to take a taxi, though this would be a very costly option considering you would be travelling outside of the Pisa area and at night.

In order to get a taxi, you can call 050 541600 from an Italian phone line. If you have an international phone line, you can add the Italian prefix 0039 050 541600. If the taxi is not too close to you, you might get a message with the name of the taxi, which consists of a city and a number, i.e. Atene 26 or Parigi 34, which will also be written on the front side of the taxi. You can also just check the taxi number you got assigned to with the driver. Prices will change according to the time and the day (the weekend and late-night hours are usually costlier).

Late Night Transfers from Pisa Airport to Florence 1

Car Rental and NCC at Pisa Airport

From Pisa Airport, it is also possible to rent a car, though you’ll have to wait until 7am. 

If you’re travelling as a group, you can book a van or a minivan in advance, in other words, an NCC (‘Noleggio con conducente’, literally ‘rental with driver’). NCCs are run by private companies and can be booked by phone or email. You can google ‘NCC Firenze’ and contact a service that appeals most to you. Unlike taxis, you will be given a standard fare in advance. You can’t call an NCC without booking in advance.  

Late Night Transfers from Pisa Airport to Florence 2

Source: Ncc Palermo Aeroporto

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