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Late Night Arrival to Venice

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

Venice can be a difficult city to navigate. Get where you need to go stress-free – schedule a Prontopia local assistant to help you today!

Many Airbnb hosts and small b & b managers charge a fee of 50 euro or more for late night check in service. Be sure you have clear communication with your host about your arrival time and the plans to meet for check in so that you do not find yourself stuck without a way to get in to your lodging or problems with meeting the check in person to get the keys. This is a common problem in Venice, and big source of stress for travelers arriving late at night.

Find how to get to Venice here.

Venice Airport Arrivals after 10:00 pm

Taking the Bus: The best option for getting in to Venice from the airport if you have a late-night arrival is to take the #5 Bus to Piazzale Roma, and then take the vaporetto (waterbus) or walk to your lodging. Booking a hotel or holiday apartment within walking distance of Piazzale Roma/Santa Lucia Train Station in the area of either Cannaregio or Santa Croce can make your arrival much easier.  The vaporetto lines on the Grand Canal run until around midnight, so if your flight arrives after 11:00 pm you may need to take a water taxi from Piazzale Roma instead.

There are two separate bus lines to Venice from Marco Polo Airport: The public ACTV bus #5 Aerobus, which stops in Mestre and finally Piazzale Roma, and the ATVO coach to Piazzale Roma. Both options take about 25 minutes to reach Venice, and cost the same – €8.00 one way, or €15.00 roundtrip. The last pick up for the ATVO bus is 12:20 am, and for the ACTV bus 1:00 am. The ACTV is the latest public transportation option departing from Marco Polo Airport to Venice. You will find the bus stops immediately straight ahead and across the street upon exiting the departure terminal. Tickets for both can be purchased within the terminal, and tickets to the ATVO buses can also be purchased from the bus stop attendant directly with cash.

Land Taxi: It is also possible to take a land taxi from the airport to Piazzale Roma, and then walk or take the vaporetto. The cost is around €60 for up to 4 people with one piece of luggage each.  You will find taxis along the sidewalk after exiting the airport arrivals hall. The route takes about 30 minutes.

Waterbus: The Alilaguna waterbus from the airport is not a preferred option for late night arrival to Venice Italy because it takes over an hour to get from the airport to Venice center, and the last waterbus departs the airport at 12:20 am and gets to San Marco at 1:40 am. The benefit of taking the waterbus is that you can arrive directly to a stop on the Grand Canal, so if you arrive close to midnight, this might be your best option.

The Alilaguna shuttle has three lines running between stops on the Grand Canal and the Mainland. The cost is is €15 one way and €27, and includes one piece of luggage. There is a €3 for each additional piece of luggage. Tickets can be purchased from the transport desk in the airport arrivals hall, or from ticket machines in the airport and at the airport dock.

Water Taxi: A private water taxi is the most expensive option for arriving to Venice, but for arrivals after midnight, it may be necessary. The cost is €120 for up to 4 people. Water taxis can be booked from the airport transport desk in the airport arrivals hall. You will be given a voucher for the taxi from the transport desk, and then you must walk down to the docks and present the voucher to the attendant at the water taxi dock. A water taxi is a convenient option as it can take you as close as possible to your lodging along the canals, however, you still will have to be prepared to walk in the dark and along bridges and narrow streets to find your lodging if it is not canalside.

In planning for a late night arrival to Venice, there are many pitfalls to troubleshoot in terms of timing, finding your way, and ensuring you make contact for check in to apartments or b&b’s that do not have 24-hour reception. Using Prontopia to connect with a friendly local assistant in Venice for help with a safe door-to-door arrival will minimize stress and save time and money. You will also learn useful info about Venice along the way!


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