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Italy Travel Apps for Venice

December 16th, 2019 by Prontopia

Venice, the ancient and timeless city on the water, is also becoming a dynamic smart city, with some convenient and innovative Italy travel apps for Venice available to provide travelers with a better experience with getting around and enjoying Venice most efficiently. Save time and money, meet other travelers, get help from friendly Locals, or scout the best sites and local restaurants, all from your smart phone! Here are a few useful Italy travel apps for Venice. As a reminder, make a plan in advance of your travels to enable your smartphone for international data or to access a Venice Wi-Fi connection while traveling. We would love to hear yours.

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The Kishare app is a platform that pairs travelers together to share services in Venice such as a gondola tour of the lagoon, or a water taxi trip from the airport or the train station. Founded by a team of 8 Venetians, including gondoliers, KiShare saves travelers up to 85% on the cost of these types of services in Venice, and is a fun way to meet other travelers along your journey. The KiShare app also supports responsible travel practices in Venice, helping to alleviate the problems of overtourism and the environmental threat to Venice of excessive motorized boat traffic on the canals by truly “ride-sharing” by boat. To use the app, you indicate the type of trip you are interested in booking in Venice, and connect with other travelers to share it with you! Save time and money and help minimize the footprint of travelers while on holiday in Venice by sharing the fun. Download on the App Store Download on GooglePlay

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Venice can be a difficult city to navigate. Prontopia puts the people back in technology by providing a fun platform for help from locals in walkable city centers, and is one of the best apps for getting around Italy.  Prontopia helps you get around the city easily by connecting you with an on-demand Local. Prontopia Locals know the best way to get you and your belongings where you need to go, and help with any practical needs along the way as well as tips for dining, shopping, and entertainment. Whether you need help for 15 minutes or all day long, you can request on-demand help via our booking form, and a friendly Local will arrive to assist you with immediate solutions, and present useful local, feet-on-the-street info about the city. Looking for the best local supermarket near your Airbnb? Help getting back to the train station while stopping en route at a typical artisans shop for last-minute souvenirs? Or help dashing to that amazing restaurant reservation to ensure you will arrive on time? You have friends in Venice among the Prontopia community who are happy to welcome you and help in the city however needed, in the moment you realize you have the need. Book with Prontopia

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MyPass Venezia

MyPass Venezia has all the tickets you'll need to enjoy Venice. You can buy tickets for the vaporetto or for museums such as Palazzo Ducale or the Guggenheim Collection. With skip the line tickets the MyPass App gets you into the best attractions in Venice without wasting time in line. Be sure to explore the app to discover the iconic places in Venice and plenty of hidden gems as well!

Download on the AppStore Download on GooglePlay

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CheBateo (translation: Which Boat?) is an app that allows travelers to search the waterbus (vaporetto) timetables and routes in Venice. This is among the essential Italy travel apps for Venice, and is available for download for free on Android, Apple, and Windows app stores. Having the real-time vaporetto schedules available to you while traveling in Venice is especially convenient because schedules can change seasonally, or routes are occasionally disrupted due to weather. Download on the App Store Download on GooglePlay

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Tourist Office App

The Tourist Office App is the official tourist office app of Italy, offering a free multilingual digital tour guide of Venice. The app is optimized for both smartphones and tablets. Visitors to Venice can use the app to discover places of historical, artistic and natural interest. The app provides geolocated information about what to see and where to go in Venice, as well as parts of the guide available offline. Users can also share their experiences on social networks through the app. Download on the App Store Download on GooglePlay

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APP AVM is the official app of the public transportation office of Venice -- AVM Venezia. Travelers can buy digital tickets for the ACTV public transportation services, both the vaporetto lines and the buses servicing the airport and the mainland. With the app, payment can be easily and safely done with the use of a credit card, and users immediately receive paperless tickets that can be scanned at the entry to the vaporetto and the bus. The app also contain the current timetables for both buses and waterbuses (vaporetti). During the high season in Venice, lines to purchase tickets from the major vaporetto docks (such as the Santa Lucia train station or Rialto) can be very long). Using the AVM app will save you time and provide the convenience of the schedules and tickets all in one place. Download on the App Store Download on GooglePlay

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Eat Venice

Eat Venice is the essential app for finding local Venetian cuisine in the city and avoiding the serious pitfalls of overpriced and poor quality touristy food while in Venice. Curated by food blogger Elizabeth Minchilli from decades of knowledge of dining in Italy, the app is available for download from the Apple and GooglePlay stores for $5.99. The cost is well worth it as it will save you money and ensure a better experience in Venice. The dining tips are organized by geolocation, category of restaurant, and price, all easily searchable to find just what you are looking for Download on the App Store Not Available on GooglePlay

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