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Is Uber in Florence?

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

As the new trend of getting an Uber ride has hit cities around the world, here at Prontopia we often have travelers asking us “Is Uber in Florence?” – after all, who wouldn’t want to easily get back to their hotel after a night out or get to Piazzale Michelangelo on a hot summer’s day fast and stay on a low budget?

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Is Uber in Florence?

Unfortunately, after a year of insufficient demand and market competition during 2015-16, Uber Italia had to shut down. However, fear not, as there are plenty of alternative solutions to move around by car – and some of them might be even more eco-friendly than using a traditional car!

The main option for both travellers and locals is taxis. This is not a very cheap option, especially considering Florence’s frequent traffic jams (peak hours are usually between 7.30 and 8.45 am and between 5.30 and 8pm), but you can always share a taxi with another person or group headed to a destination that’s close to yours. The fact is, it might be easier in many cases to walk when going around the city center. In this case, you might be better off requesting in-person help from a local using Prontopia.

In order to get a taxi, you can call 055 4242 or 055 4390 from an Italian phone line. If you have an international phone line, you can add the Italian prefix 0039 55 4242 or 0039 55 4390. If the taxi is not too close to you, you might get a message with the name of the taxi, which consists of a city and a number, i.e. Atene 26 or Parigi 34, which will also be written on the front side of the taxi. You can also just check the taxi number you got assigned to with the driver.

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If you’re travelling as a group, you can book a van or a minivan, in other words, an NCC (‘Noleggio con conducente’, literally ‘rental with driver’). NCCs are run by private companies and can be booked by phone or email. You can google ‘NCC Firenze’ and contact a service that appeals most to you. This service is recommended for private hotel-airport transfers, day trips, weddings and other special events.

In both cases you might get lucky and meet a local driver you can ask questions and advice to.

Do you want to make sure you get to your hotel safe and sound? Book a prontopia local to get more tips on the city!

Car Sharing in Florence

If your main goal is to drive around Florence and stay on a low budget, you can rent a car through one of the following local services or apps.

  • Share ‘N Go allows you to rent silent electric cars to travel up until 120km, after which they’ll need a recharge. This is a particularly eco-friendly option and a very practical one considering the size of the car and that parking and driving in the centre is free. You can rent a car using the smartphone app and leave it in a Share ’N Go area once you’re done.

  • Enjoy Florence is an app used by plenty of locals. It allows you to rent a stylish red Fiat Cinquecento and to drive around. If you refuel, you get to receive a 5€ voucher to spend on your next trip.

  • Florence Eco Rent allows you to rent so-called ‘Birò’s, tiny electric cars with an automatic drive for two people that charge with solar power. This is definitely a sustainable and fun option that also works well to explore small alleys in Florence’s historic centre.

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  • Carpooling in Florence might be the right option for you if you are happy to share your trip with other fellow travellers – and in case you meet a local, chatty driver, that might turn into a local experience where you get to know customs and traditions of the cities you’re travelling to.

  • BlaBla Car is a popular app among both travellers and locals. It allows you to get a lift by contributing to the petrol price and having a friendly chat with the driver (hence the name BlaBla!). You can simply download the app, sign up for a lift and go. The app allows you to read reviews of each driver before meeting them. BlaBla Cars are often used to go from a city to another or to commute from home to work.

Prontopia in Florence

The most eco-friendly solution to getting around Florence easily is to request in-person help from Prontopia. Florence’s city center is best navigated on foot, but inevitably travelers may need an extra helping hand carrying their things and navigating by foot easily.

If you want to make sure to get to your hotel safe and sound, you can request an in-person help from Prontopia to reach your lodging or tour meeting point. With Prontopia, you have a friend in the city wherever you are Prontopia can show you the way, and orient you to the city as you go.

You can either request help on demand within an hour, or pre-schedule using our easy online form. You will only pay for the time you spend using the service ( starting as low as 7 euro).

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