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Is It Safe in Venice Italy?

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

It’s natural to worry about safety especially when one travels far from home. While some take precautions, and others more go the fatalist path, my mantra is “better safe than sorry.” And here’s my one-word answer to “Is it safe in Venice, Italy?”. Yes!

Venice can be a difficult city to navigate. Get where you need to go stress-free – schedule a Prontopia local assistant to help you today!

Venice is a very safe city. However, we do advise to be mindful of con artists and their various creative ways of parting you from your money!

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While pickpockets in the city have somewhat perfected their technique, they’re no match for a  group of locals, who call themselves the “non-distracted citizens.” Thanks to their tireless efforts to raise awareness on the issue, Venice is a much better city in which to wander aimlessly.  Pay attention in the area surrounding the railway station, Piazzale Roma, and Tronchetto, where some teenagers or young women, one of whom is pregnant, have recently been teaming up to steal wallets, mobile phones, IDs, and so on. Take heed of your bags when on a dock waiting for a vaporetto and on any means of transport.  Also, be a bit more vigilant during events: Carnival, New Year’s Eve, and the Feast of Redentore in July.

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In Venice, as well as in other cities, there is such a nuisance that we call the scums. It is someone who offers to help with your luggage: if you really need a porter, call or book online Trasbagagli. If you have booked help from a Prontopia local to get from the airport or train station to your hotel easily, Prontopia can also assist with coordinating Trasbagagli or even light help with you luggage. You may also spot people in a costume and a mask who invite you to take a picture of them: however, if you do, you will have to give them some money or someone in plain clothes will threaten you. Just avoid them! 

Begging in Venice is not allowed but the ban is seldom enforced. Italy has lodgings and kitchens for those who can’t afford such comforts, so don’t flaunt your wallet in the street. 

From time to time, other scammers will attempt to entice you with the shell game. I can’t understand how anyone could still fall for it. Besides, it’s illegal and if anyone approaches you with such a game, please call the police!

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All cafès and eateries have their menus displayed. If you feel you have been overcharged, ask to check the price on the list. This practice is rarely performed nowadays but still… 

If you need help getting around Venice easily without the hassles of worrying about delays or wrong turns, book a connection with a Prontopia local and get in-person help getting where you need to go, stress free!

Mugging is so rare that if it happens, it will be a banner headline on the local newspapers. However, be extra careful in quiet, deserted calli and campi at night!

Women travellers should fear nothing but some vulgar comments pushed in a busy vaporetto. An evil eye or a loud order to stop – “Basta!” – should be enough.

Venice is so far safe from terrorist attacks but the situation is so fickle it’s always better to be safe than sorry: we advise you to always check for any alerts on your government website.

As always, a Prontopia local is available for booking, even at night, to help you take the shortest, and troublefree, walk to your hotel or apartment.

In case of a crime or anything suspicious, call the emergency number in Venice – 112.

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