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How To Get Tickets To The Vatican - A Few Tips

December 17th, 2019 by Prontopia

If you are planning a visit to the Sistine Chapel and surroundings, here you will find useful information and links regarding tickets to the Vatican. Regardless of how long - or how short - you are going to stay in Rome for, visiting the Vatican is a must!

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Vatican Tickets: Price and Validity

How To Get Tickets To The Vatican - A Few Tips 0

Tickets for the Vatican vary depending on who wants to visit it and when. Regardless of the type of tickets you are about to get, always remember that tickets are valid solely on the day on which they are issued and they are not refundable.

The full entry ticket is 17€. In case you do not feel like wasting your precious time in line, make sure you get your ticket on the official Vatican museum website, selecting the option “skip the line”. With just 4€ more, you will find yourself with some extra time for your tour.

Tickets Reductions

How To Get Tickets To The Vatican - A Few Tips 1

The reduced ticket is 8€. People entitled to purchase the reduced tickets are:

  • Children between age 6 and 18

  • People belonging to the clergy (priests, nuns, seminarians and novices)

  • Employees of any entities of the Holy See

You are still entitled to get the reduced ticket if you are traveling with a group of people on a pilgrimage. In that case, you will just need an official letter of request from your Parish.

Just like for the full entry ticket, the “skip the line” option is available with an extra 4€ fee.

The reduced ticket for school trips is 4€ per students and 2€ more for the “skip the line” option. For every ten students, the teacher accompanying them has a free entry.

The reduced ticket for students is available for students up to 25 years old carrying any sort of cards and\or document as a proof of their enrollment in the current school year. The cost is 8€ plus 4€ for the “skip the line option”.

Did Someone Say "Free Entry"?

Children below the age of 6 receive entry. The last Sunday of each month is also free.

The Best Way to Visit: Guided Tours

How To Get Tickets To The Vatican - A Few Tips 2

If you want more than just tickets to the Vatican, check out all the options for deals and guided tours.

Having a guide explaining to you what you are about to see and what will surround you might turn your visit from a simple walk in a museum into a memorable, cultural and artistic experience.

Admiring the paintings in the Sistine Chapel, for example, could be quite easy. Understanding the meaning behind every single brushstroke, on the other hand, is what will really make you say that yes, you definitely visited the Sistine Chapel!

Most guided tours are managed by the Missionaries of Divine Revelations, whose mission, among others, is to evangelize through art. Their tours go beyond the artistic explanation; they reach deeper and more existential reading of what, without any sort of help, would be a one-dimensional visit.

The Hidden Gem Of The Vatican

How To Get Tickets To The Vatican - A Few Tips 3

A less known area within the Vatican state are the Vatican gardens.

It is possible to visit the gardens both with individual and group tickets. Either way, you will have a two-hour-long guided tour, where the tour guide will give you a detailed and complete explanation of the various plants, gardens and buildings in the area. You will be so close to the cupola that it will almost feel like you are touching it!

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©Photo Credits: Saint Peter (Photo by Marc Babin) Altar (Photo by Clay Banks); Columns (Photo by Simone Savoldi); Sunset (Photo by David Edkins)


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