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How to Get from Naples to Florence

January 7th, 2020 by Prontopia

Naples and Florence, Italy are about 409 km (254 miles) apart from each other. If you’re enjoying your time in Naples but want to see what’s happening in another one of the country’s best cities, travel to Florence is feasible in both price and time. These are the different methods for how to get from Naples to Florence. 

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Italy’s trains make for low-stress and relatively quick trips around the country. To get to Florence, you’ll arrive at the Napoli Centrale station. The exact total travel time depends on when you leave and which services you use. There are many direct routes, which take around three hours. However, there are some routes that require transferring which can be as long as 8.5 hours. Train services from Naples to Florence are available from Trenitalia Frecce and ItaloTreno. Another, less frequent but more economical option is the night train, courtesy of Trenitalia Intercity Night. This service is available twice per week.


You don’t have to be on any train tracks to get a mass transit ride to Florence. Three companies offer bus access from Naples. There’s FlixBus, which has routes running every four hours, Baltour, which runs twice per day, and BuonoTourist, which has one route a day. These ticket prices are quite affordable, but they can take around seven hours to arrive in Florence.


Should you not want to have to rely on bus and trains schedules or want to shave at least an hour off your travel time, you can drive from Naples to Florence fairly easily. You’ll need to reach the Autostrada A56 before taking A1 and SS67 en route to Florence. Be advised that you’ll need money for tolls.

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When it comes to traveling 400-plus kilometers in Italy, your first instinct is likely not to call a rideshare. However, BlaBlaCar is a rideshare service that offers convenient and affordable transport between Naples and Florence. It runs three times per day and costs $26 to $29 per ride. This company specializes in long-distance services, so you don’t have to worry about feeling like you’re putting the driver out by requesting such a long trip. You might even get to meet a spirited local who can give you great recommendations for things to do in Florence. 


You can take a flight from Naples International Airport to Florence Airport, Peretola and reach the city in pretty good time, depending on how many connections you end up making. However, if you first arrived in Italy via plane, you might decide that you want to leave the rest of the flying for when you go back home.

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Naples and Florence are both essential parts of any traveler’s journey to Italy. With many options available for commuting, you won’t be stuck deciding between one city or the other.

Photo Credits: Social.Cut on Unsplash, Chris Barbalis on Unsplash


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