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How to Get from Marco Polo Airport to Marghera

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

Even if not a beguiling tourist destination, Marghera is popular with visitors for its economical accommodation, both hotels and apartments. These are some tips on how to get from Marco Polo airport to Marghera.

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Public transportation from Venice main airport is in the care of ACTV, ATVO, and Flixbus. Since there is no direct line to Marghera, you should reach Mestre first. ACTV’s line 15 leaves from the airport on weekdays every 30 minutes until 8.15 pm (later than that, line 45 at 9.22 pm goes to Mestre) and on holidays every hour until 7.50 pm. Get off at Mestre railway station and take the tram to Marghera (very frequent service). The whole trip costs €8 or €15 for a return ticket. Since the service offered by ACTV to Mestre is not frequent, at certain times ATVO or Flixbus could be more convenient. Non-stop buses take about 20 minutes to Mestre railway station. From there, take the tram as said above. Two different tickets are needed, one for the ATVO (€8 for a single ride or €15 for return) or Flixbus bus (€8), and another for the tram (€1.50).

Depending on the time of the day you arrive, it may be more opportune to take a bus to Venice, and from there another bus to Marghera. ACTV’s line 5 is every 15 minutes on weekdays and 20 minutes on holidays. The buses are more spacious with compartments for bigger cases and the transfer in Piazzale Roma is easy because the distance to the other bus is short. From there, take lines 6 or 6L that leave every 10 minutes. Both the lines go to Marghera, but you may need to take one or the other depending on your address.

In the arrival hall of the airport, there is a conspicuous ticket office (remember that Flixbus only sells tickets online). If you plan to use the bus often during your stay, consider buying a Venezia Unica Pass.

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A number of companies offer door-to-door transfers, from private to shared cars or minibuses. One of the most convenient is the Slovenian-based startup GoOpti whose fares vary according to date and time: the sooner you book, the cheaper the price (they suggest booking at least two weeks before the trip).


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