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How To Get Around Florence Italy

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

Florence is famous as a Renaissance city not only for its architecture, but for the design of the city itself, with two main boulevards running along the Arno, and a network of streets, such as Via Tornabuoni, connecting throughout. Off of the main streets, you will find areas of the winding and serpentine streets reminiscent of the Medieval design of the city. There are three main ways to how to get around Florence Italy once you arrive: walking (often the most convenient), the bus, and a taxi.

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How to Get Around Florence Italy Walking

Most places within the historical center can be reached on foot within 10-20 minutes. Although the streets can at times be crowded, and the sidewalks notoriously narrow, knowing which routes to take to get where you need to go easily and avoid the crowds has big advantages. Walking also allows you to take in all the beauty of the city along the way. If you need help finding your way, or carrying light shopping bags or a piece of luggage, you can always use Prontopia to request help from a friendly local in Florence.

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How to Get Around Florence Italy by Taxi

There are official taxi stands distributed among the main piazzas of Florence, and at the Santa Maria Novella Train Station. If is forbidden to hail a taxi, and required to even get a taxi from the taxi stand, or call the dispatch at 055 4242. Wait times can be a major issue for taxis in Florence, however, so it is important not to count on this option if you need to get somewhere quickly.

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How to Get Around Florence Italy by Bus

Florence is connected by a convenient network of public buses operated by ATAF and LI-NEA. The service to the city’s main center is limited, due to access, and the bus lines are most useful for getting from the center to the outskirts of the city.

One-way tickets good for up to 90 minutes once validated costs 1.50€ and can be purchased from coffee bars and tabacchi displaying the ATAF sticker, as well as from the public transport desk in Piazza Maria Novella Train Station. It is very important to remember to validate your ticket using the machine onboard the bus immediately after getting on, as there are steep fines of up to 40€ if your ticket is not validated. If you do not have a ticket when you board, it might be possible to buy one from the bus driver for 2.50€, but this is not guaranteed.

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If you buy the Firenze Card+ option for discounted museum tickets with skip-the-line access, you can pay an additional 5€ to add unlimited bus travel on the card for the 72 euro period of validation. You must validate the special bus ticket you receive when you pick up your Firenze Card the first time you use the bus and show this ticket to the controller on the bus when requested.

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