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How to Find Your Address in Venice

January 7th, 2020 by Prontopia

Finding an address in Venice when you're learning to get around can be really tricky, because of the Venetian singular numbering system. Every traveler has lost his way at least once in Venice's city maze. It's natural, but can become frustrating if you carry a heavy suitcase or tired kids. It would be best to find your way quickly, wouldn't it? Let's see how to find your address in Venice in this article.

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First of all, maps apps do not help.

The city is divided into six sestieri, three on either side of the Grand Canal and there is one set of numbers from 1 to infinite for each sestiere. The bigger the sestiere, the higher the last number: thus Cannaregio goes up to 6426 while Santa Croce only to 2359.

The system has been devised to follow the side of the campo or calle where no. 1 was established. So when there is a side street, the numbers increase in that direction and, in the same street, can make quite a difference in the numbers of neighboring buildings.

How is an address composed?

An official address is composed of the name of the sestiere and the building number, like Cannaregio 2684 (click here to find out more about Venetian street names).

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Do not worry, though, because Venetians themselves cannot always locate a certain number and resort to landmarks: close to the church of so-and-so, next to the baker’s, not far from that bridge, etc.

Who to ask?

What if you only have the official address and one of the apps does not show that specific number? If you are in the vicinity of your destination, ask for help from locals or shops. The best at finding addresses are the postmen and the waste collectors: they can remember the addresses by heart but only those of the area in which they work.

If you are far from your destination and do not have any other clue, well, it’s hard. Ask a local policeman (their uniform bear the writing “Polizia Locale”) who, also if they do not know, they will surely try their best to help. The easiest solution is to book a Prontopia Local. They know Venice like the back of their hands and will bring you everywhere you want.

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Ask for more details

Keep in mind to ask for some additional information when you are given a Venetian address. One useful resource is the website Either you have the official address or the name of the calle or campo, fill in the form and the result will appear together with a map and the names of the nearest water bus stops.

We hope this article will help you figure out how to find your address in Venice, but if you have more questions or need more in depth explanation join our Facebook group. Follow us on our page and stay updated with our newest content!

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