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How to Arrive to Venice By Car

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

How to Drive to Venice and How to Park a Car in Venice

Can you drive to Venice? The historical center of Venice is truly a city on the water and not reachable by car, so how to arrive to Venice by car? It is possible to arrive to the mainland area of Venice, park your car in Mestre, at the Tronchetto, or in Piazzale Roma, and proceed from there to Venice city center by bus, on foot, and by boat.  Understanding the options for arriving to Piazzale Roma and parking your car, then getting where you need to go can be confusing. This guide to how to arrive to Venice by car will help you with everything involved, from parking, to paying, to reaching the city after parking or dropping off your rental car.

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How to Arrive to Venice By Car 0

Reaching Your Parking Space

The highways of Italy are made up of roads known as the autostrade. Individually, these are the autostrada. Venice can be accessed from the A4 autostrada, which runs north and southbound. Depending on where you’re coming from, you’ll either use the central Mestre exit (south) or the Mestre Est-Favorita exit (north) to get to Piazzale Roma.


You’ll need to keep your vehicle parked during your visit. There are three locations convenient for parking your car: the furthest distance but cheapest rates are the parking options in Mestre, a mainland area that’s especially useful thanks to the bus/train access to Venice. You can also find reasonable parking rates here, at St. Giuliano’s public lot. A slightly closer sizable and affordable place to park can be found on the island of Tronchetto. This artificial island is home to an incredibly expansive garage. This is especially useful if you have a larger vehicle. Once you’re settled, you can catch the No. 2 vaporetto (waterbus) to Venice. This garage is private. Finally, the closest parking available is in Piazzale Roma, where there is also a public parking garage.

Paying for Parking

Parking for your Venice trip can be as little as €12 per day and as much as €29 per day. The lowest rates are found at St. Giuliano’s public lot, while the highest are at Piazzale Roma.  The Tronchetto garage lets you book in advance. They also offer a 20 percent discount for staying longer than three days and paying in full when you first arrive. Automated machines are available for you to pay for parking. They accept bills, coins, and cards. Make sure that you keep your receipt in a safe place upon leaving the Tronchetto garage.

St. Giuliano has three parking lots, each marked with different colors. The most economical is the yellow, 24/7 Parcheggio Porta Gialla for €12 per day, with the first three hours being free. Parcheggio Porta Rossa and Parcheggio Porta Blu are red and blue, respectively. While these charge €12 for a full day, you cannot park overnight, as their hours are only from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. There’s no need to get a ticket or receipt when parking at St. Giuliano. Instead, this lot uses cameras that photograph your license plate and then charges you upon departure. Be advised: while the payment machines accept cash as well as cards, they do not give change.

Piazzale Roma has the most expensive Venice-adjacent parking. However, you can still save money by paying attention. The lowest rates are €23.40 per day, which can be found at the ASM Venezia car park. You can and should book your spot in advance, given how this lot can fill up.

Arriving to Venice

After parking, you can reach Venice by train, bus, or water transport. Depending on your destination, walking can be a nice option. By making use of the awe-inspiring bridges, you can have a pleasant stroll to Venice. Use the Rampa S. Chiara from Tronchetto, and the Ponte della Libertà from Piazzale Roma. You can reach Piazzale Roma from Mestre by taking a bus or driving from Mestre along the Strada Regionale 11 bridge. For more details on getting from Santa Lucia Station/Piazzale Roma to your hotel or holiday apartment in Venice, see our guide on How to Get from the Train Station to Venice.

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