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Where to Eat in Dorsorduro

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

Dorsoduro is one of the most local and authentic neighbours, or better sestieri, in Venice and it has few of the most delicious restaurants and places to eat. Not everyone knows them, therefore here you go our guide on where to eat in Dorsoduro.

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Sweet delicacies

You cannot say that you know Venice if you didn’t taste it’s sweets and Dorsoduro has one of the best pasticcerie of all the town.

Pasticceria da Tonolo (Calle San Pantalon 3764). You simply must visit this historical pastry where all Venetians stop by for a “pastina” (small cake) and a coffee. The prices are super local and for Christmas you can order their legendary focaccia meanwhile for Carnevale they do the best frittelle in town, no jokes.

Where to Eat in Dorsorduro 0

Pasticceria Toletta (Dorsoduro, 1192 tel, 041 522 7451). Another great sweet stop on your way to Accademia. Try here their punchetto, a full chocolate pastina.

Gelateria Da Nico (Fondamenta Zattere 922, tel: 041 522 5293). This place on the Fondamenta Zattere is famous for making the flavor “gianduiotto da passeggio” with whipped cream.

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Where to have a pause with a Coffee or a Tea

Fujiama – Tea Room Beatrice (Calle Lunga S. Barnaba, 2727/A, 347 401 6725) Elena is the host of this beautiful place where you can have all the hot tea of the world, enjoy some cakes, and have a wonderful afternoon with your friends. In summer you can have a fresh drink in their internal garden: priceless!

Where to Eat in Dorsorduro 1

Al Chioschetto (Fondamenta Zattere Al Ponte Lungo, 1406/A, tel. 348 396 8466). This place has the best view over giudecca and Molino Stucky but it’s all outdoor so it’s better in summer or sunny days. Great also for sunset spritz and during summer they do also live music.

Imagina Cafe (Rio Tera Canal 3126,  tel. 348 396 8466). This is also a great pitstop for free wifi.

Typical Venetian Cuisine

Of course there are also typical venetian restaurants in Dorsoduro and they are also affordable as not in the tourist mainstream routes. Yay!

Osteria da Codroma (Fondamenta Briati, 2540, Tel: 041 524 6789) The best way to describe this place is: amazing. Not only you can have one of the best venetian cuisine dishes at a very fair price, but the staff is also charming and very nice. Frequented mostly by Venetians, requires to book in advance and Closed on Sunday and Monday.

Where to Eat in Dorsorduro 2

Gnocchetti with moscardini (small octopus) by Osteria da Codroma

Osteria Ai 4 Feri (Calle Lunga S. Barnaba, 2754/A). Typical and reasonably priced osteria where you can enjoy fresh daily Venetian seafood favorites.


Whereas pizza is not a typical dish of Venetian cuisine, in Dorsoduro you can find two very nice pizzerias:

Al Profeta (Calle San Barnaba, tel: 041 523 7466)) with charming outdoor seating, is one of the favourite from venetians, and the best for big groups.

Ae Oke (Sestiere Dorsoduro, 1414, tel: 041 520 6601) which has outdoor seating on the water with panoramic views, and a menu that can accommodate allergies with gluten-free and lactose-free options. Pro tip: on Mondays margherita pizza plus draft beer is only 8 euros!

Where to Eat in Dorsorduro 3

The Zattere in Dorsoduro


Osteria allo Squero (Dorsoduro 943, tel.335 600 7513) a charming Local canalside wine bar in front of the squero, the place where gondolas are made.

Cantine del vino già Schiavi (Fondamenta Nani, 992, tel. 041 523 0034) This place is legendary for their cicchetti made with delicious toppings over pieces of bread. In the last years all Venice copied them, but their cicchetti are the original ones and the best ones! They also have a huge selection of wine and spirits to take away. Tip: when you eat cicchetti outside beware of seagulls: they love their cicchetti too and they tend to steal food from your hands!

Where to Eat in Dorsorduro 4

Osteria alla Bifora (Sestiere Dorsoduro, 2930, Tel: 041 523 6119) Settled at the top corner of Santa Margherita, this osteria is perfect for a late evening glass of wine together with a tagliere of cold cuts, cheese, baccala’ and polenta.

Bar La Toletta (Calle Della Toletta, 1191, tel. 041 520 0196) From outside it looks like a touristic bar, but inside keeps a secret: it’s just possibly tone of the best places where to eat tramezzini, the typical white bread with mayonnaise and mix fillings sandwiches from Venice!


In Dorsoduro there are also some special restaurants, in the sense that maybe there are not typical Venetian, but still they are something to try meanwhile you’re visiting the city.

La Tecia Vegana (Dorsoduro 2104, tel: 041 524 6244). This is the one and only vegan restaurant in Venice. Opened up just one year and half ago, is already one of venetian favourites: settled in the heart of one of the most locals areas of Venice, Santa Marta, it offers creative, bio and 100% vegan dishes with affordable prices and amazing service.

Orient Experience (Dorsoduro 2920, tel: 041 241 2669). This is onthe two Orient Experiences in town, the other one is in Cannaregio. This restaurant offers delicacies from Afghanistan, Syria Greece and all the mediterranean-middle eastern region, with a ethnic set up and little prices. The owner is a refugee that set up this very successful business in Venice years ago and employs only refugees coming from Africa and middle east. In the menu you can also find many vegan and vegetarian options.

Where to Eat in Dorsorduro 5

Venice Jazz Club (Dorsoduro, 3102, tel: 340 150 4985) This is something really special because at Venice Jazz Club you can have dinner, drinks and listen to great jazz and blues music live for a little price. Basically it’s the only place like this in Venice and is highly recommended to book a Prontopia Local connection to get there because it’s quite hidden!


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