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Top Five New Year's Eve Dinners in Venice

December 14th, 2019 by Prontopia

On the last day of the year, we all wish to enjoy the most incredible evening with our family or friends.Venice has the most beautiful and unforgettable scenery, but where to go to exploit the opportunity of being here for the New Year’s Eve Dinner? We all agree that the last meal of 2019 needs proper planning, also it should be memorable!

During the holidays, Venice can be very difficult to navigate. Get help from a Prontopia local assistant today!

That’s why we here bring you the top five New Year’s Eve dinners in Venice.

Top Five New Years Eve Dinners in Venice 0

What are you looking for the most? Find your ideal New Year’s restaurant and dinner!

  1. The Flavors Of Tradition 

Chat Qui Rit

The Chat Qui Rit is a historic restaurant, located close to Saint Mark’s Square. It was established by the Mozzato family which has been in restoration for two generations.Its cuisine is typically Venetian with a contemporary touch, and so is the location, which mixes traditional Venetian osterias with modern elegance.

The use of the best of raw products makes for the highest quality food served by very pleasant staff. To book click here.

Address: Calle Tron San Marco 113130124 Venezia

  1. The View On The Lagoon

Ristorante Principessa

Just a few steps away from Saint Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace, Ristorante Principessa serves typical Venetian dishes, but Italian and international specialties are always on the menu.

The mesmerizing view on San Giorgio Island and the church of Santa Maria della Salute makes it the ideal restaurant for a romantic yet delicious Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinner in the water city.To book write to

Address: Castello 418730122 Venezia

  1. The View On Rialto

La Porta D’Acqua

La Porta D’Acqua is a splendid restaurant located on the side of the Grand Canal, just beneath Rialto. The beautiful view with gondolas outlines makes it the perfect photo stop.Not to mention, the location is superb for classic cocktails and upscale dinner!Have a look at the New Year’s Eve Dinner Menu.

To book write to

Address: San Polo 1097 riva del vin30125 Venezia

  1. The Gourmet Dinner

Zanze XVI

Zanze XVI is undoubtedly one of the most refined places to eat in Venice. The selection of quality products, the detailed presentation, the research and the passion put in every plate has no rivals.

The concept behind the restaurant is what makes it exciting too, giving the chance of living a full experience from aperitif to dinner with many different menu options.

To book click here.

Address:Santa Croce 23130135 Venezia

  1. Dinner With Friends

Hard Rock Cafe

The Hard Rock Cafe is the perfect location if you are in Venice with a group of friends and want to be close to Saint Mark’s Square to see the fireworks.

This option will make everyone happy as the location is convenient, the food is good and drinks even more. After dinner, the night will continue with a party on the second floor.Not to mention: you’ll be next to the biggest Gondola dock!

To book click here or write to

Address: Bacino Orseolo 119230124 Venezia

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