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What Are The Best Restaurants In Florence?

December 14th, 2019 by Prontopia

Florence is well-known for its delicious food and wine!Yet the center of Florence is also full of tourist traps, so when choosing where to have your local lunch or dinner, you might want to do some research in advance.As Florentine locals, we are here to recommend a list of our special best and authentic restaurants where to taste a the famous ‘bistecca alla fiorentina’ (steak), an amazing pizza or just a yummy dish of pasta in Florence.

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Where to have Fiorentina steak

‘Bistecca alla Fiorentina’, in other words, rare steak, is one of the must-try dishes when traveling to Florence. This is a huge and thick steak that is served rare, unlike most travelers’ preference, and at a minimum of 1 kilogram. If you want to have a smaller piece, you can opt for a ‘tagliata di manzo’ which is often served with porcini mushrooms or other condiments. Of course, a glass of red wine is recommended!

What Are The Best Restaurants In Florence? 0

1. Chianineria – Trattoria dall’Oste

This is a restaurant for meat lovers who are open to both local and international meat. Lately, this ‘Chianineria’ has become one of the most popular places to have steak in Florence.

2. Perseus

This is a rustic, authentic restaurant where you can try a unique ‘fiorentina’ near Piazza della Libertà.

3. Le Fonticine

This is an authentic restaurant, near the railways station Santa Maria Novella, where you can try steak as well as hand-made pasta.

4. Caffè Italiano

Watch your steak be grilled! This elegant and romantic restaurant in the Santa Croce area has the most peculiar service: the chef comes to your table so that you can witness the cut of the meat right in front of you.It is an exclusive restaurant, that’s why it is slightly more expensive – due to service and area.

5. Mamma Gina

This is one authentic and good value for money tavern, where you can try steak as well as ‘pappa col pomodoro’ and crostini misti, croutons, and much more.

6. Trattoria Da Gozzi

This is a traditional family-run restaurant in San Lorenzo, where you can try steak, but also ‘ossobuco’ and ‘bracioline rifatte’, both meat dishes.It’s only open for lunch and you can’t book, only give your name and wait in line.

Where to have pizza

Pizza isn’t Florence’s most well-known dish, though Florentines, like all Italians, love their pizza. When going to a ‘pizzeria’, you will get a menu of classic pizzas and some peculiar ones created by the restaurant itself.You can also make your own pizza as long as the ingredients are on the list – just make sure you don’t ask for a pineapple pizza!

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1. Beppa Fioraia

This is a lovely, hidden restaurant in the Piazzale Michelangelo area. You can have platters of hams and cheese or other kinds, and also thick simple, yummy pizza.

2. Fuori Piazza

This is a simple, local pizzeria in the Via Gioberti area. Good if you are traveling on a budget, but want to try local flavors.

3. Il Pizzaiuolo

Right in the city center, this is a true Neapolitan pizzeria, which means their pizza follows the Napolitan rules in the making and comes out with soft and thick dough.

4. Berberè San Frediano

This is a modern, stylish restaurant with a rustic touch, where you can try the organic pizza and artisanal beers.

Of course, these are only some of our suggestions for the best restaurants you can find, but Florence has much more to offer – so ultimately follow your intuition and avoid tourist traps!

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©Photo Credits: Bistecca Alla Fiorentina (Photo by smilingpixell from Pixabay), Pizza (Photo by Vita Marija Murenaite from Unsplash)


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