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How It Works

  1. Enter your pick up location.
  2. Request Help - either pre-scheduled or on-demand.
  3. The service begins when Prontopia meets you!
Starting at 7 euro for 15 minutes, then 0.33/min.

Request in-person assistance with your arrival, getting around in-trip and departure.
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Pre-schedule to be met when you arrive.

A Prontopia Local can meet you upon your arrival at the airport, train station or anywhere nearby. Whether you prefer to walk or to use local transportation, having a trusted local friend prevents expensive mistakes and provides a safe and no-stress experience.
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Getting to Your Hotel or Vacation Rental

Save time, don’t get lost, be safe and enjoy your arrival. Prontopia Locals help you with getting to your accommodations, lend a hand with your bags and answer any questions you have about what’s nearby – a local friend.
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Getting Around In-Trip

Have a Prontopia Local show you the way to places of special interest, help with securing entrance tickets, tell you what restaurants the locals love most and help you to get to an appointment for an excursion on-time.
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Shopping and Discovering Local Places

From the pharmacy to the fish market, it can make a world of difference to have a Prontopia local translate your needs. They can lend a hand with carrying shopping bags and point out great places nearby.
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