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Where to Eat on Murano Island

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

Finding a good place to eat in Murano can be tricky as this popular island in the Venice lagoon has many touristic restaurants and it is easy to end up eating overpriced, low quality food in a tourist trap establishment. Not to worry! Murano is a very old historic place of significance to the ancient and modern life of Venice, and there are indeed nice places to eat where you can avoid the crowds and eat well. We’ve got you covered with our Local list of where to eat on Murano Island.

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Where to Eat on Murano Island 0

Trattoria Busa alla Torre da Lele (Campo Santo Stefano, 3)

Trattoria Busa alla Torre is one of the oldest restaurants in Murano, enlivened by its passionate owner, Lele. It is located near the cozy Campo Santo Stefano, just on the side of the church. For dining during the summer, there is a charming courtyard outside. Busa alla Torre has simple yet delicious dishes based on seasonal and regional seafood. The service is friendly and familiar service thanks to Lele. The chalkboard is updated daily with fresh specials. Best to try: fried moeche (fried soft shell crabs), tagliatelle with canocie (a local type of shrimp), or mix fried of scampi and calamari.

Trattoria Ai Frati (Fondamenta Venier, 4)

Set near the Ponte Lungo, Trattoria ai Frati offers a classic atmosphere with a traditional seafood cuisine and familiar hospitality as the place has been open since the 50s. Here the recommended dishes are: a granseola dish (crab meat), ‘go’ fish risotto (go is a typical fish of the region), mix fried fish, and house wine. Enjoy!

Trattoria Valmarana (Fondamenta Navagero, 31)

Located in the San Donato area, Trattoria Valmarana offers local Venetian cuisine with cheap prices but great quality food. The trattoria offers an outside covered garden, genuine atmosphere and amazing food.

La Perla ai Bisatei (Campo San Bernardo, 6)

La Perla ai Bisatei is a casual osteria located in Campo San Bernardo that is very popular among locals and Italians. In fact, here you might find the glassblowers of the island taking a break to eat lunch! This is always great in terms of comparison for quality and prices, especially in Venice and more especially in Murano Island. They serve very simple but authentic dishes here, where you can taste some typical baccala’ mantecato (cream of stockfish, typical from Venice) and be delighted by the owner’s hospitality, along with classic frittura mista (mixed fried fish) or spaghetti alle vongole (spaghetti with clams).

We hope you enjoy some delicious Venetian seafood while on Murano Island, and have a chance to experience the local culture. See out tips here for How to Get to Murano Island, or even better, request a local from Prontopia to help you get there and discover even more about Venetian life along the way!

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