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What Are the Best Photos Spots in Venice Italy?

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

Venice is unquestionably one of the most photographed places in the world. All you have to do is Google “Venice”, and you’ll find a million photographs. The only problem with these images? They’re all the same! Here, find the best photo spots in Venice Italy – from common areas to places off the beaten path.

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1. Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco may look a bit more original if taken from above. You can climb to the balcony on the facade of the Basilica, or even reach even taller heights if you climb the Clock Tower.

The Clock Tower stands at the beginning of the Mercerie (the itineray linking the Piazza to the Rialto), and it’s topped with statues of two men called the Moors who hit the bell on the hour. From there, the Basilica will be on your left, the Piazza on your right, and San Giorgio island will be on the other side of the water.

The Campanile, the bell tower, is even higher, standing at nearly 100 meters tall. Another great spot for your photo album is the shorter bell tower of San Giorgio, on the other side of the water.

What Are the Best Photos Spots in Venice Italy? 0

2. Next to the Rialto Bridge

Next to the Rialto bridge, there is a beautiful terrace on top of the Fontego dei Tedeschi, a building hosting a department store, which overlooks the surrounding edifices.

What Are the Best Photos Spots in Venice Italy? 1

3. The Cemetery Island of San Michele and Murano

An area that is less well-known is the side of the city that faces north. The view over the cemetery island of San Michele and Murano is breathtaking, especially when the day is crystal clear, courtesy of the north-eastern wind of Bora. You can find this view along the one-kilometer long Fondamente Nove.

What Are the Best Photos Spots in Venice Italy? 2

4. Next to Giudecca

For great pictures of the sunset, you need to go to the fringes of the city, the least touristy areas. To find a compelling sunset view with riveting contrast between nature and man-made structures, go towards the side of the city facing the industrial area of Marghera of Sacca Fisola, near the artificial island next to Giudecca. 

You’ll also find a similar view if you go to Baia del Re, in the district of Cannaregio. Here, there’s a pleasant park on the bank of the lagoon, which faces the railway bridge and a view of the sunset.

What Are the Best Photos Spots in Venice Italy? 3

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