Weather in Venice Italy in November

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Weather in Venice Italy in November, like everywhere in Northern Italy, is usually cold, humid, and grey. Travelers will need to bundle up and dress for the cold damp weather, yet it is worth it as Venice is even more beautiful when the weather creates such an unparalleled captivating atmosphere.

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What To Wear

Winter light gear is necessary to endure the low temperatures in Venice this season. The average temperature is 9°C/49°F, with the highest at 13°C/55°F and the lowest at 6°C/42°F. On the other hand, rain is rare, yet humidity can reach the chilly 80%.

Foggy Weather in Venice Italy in November

Acqua Alta

November is also the month of acqua alta. In the last eight years, a tide of over 80cm was recorded in about 160 days (out of 210) so you may experience this phenomenon during your November visit. Acqua alta occurs due to many reasons that we covered in a previous post. Since it lasts a few hours at most, it is enough to wait for it to decrease. Platforms are provided in certain routes in the city and a pair of knee-high boots should be enough to wade across the streets lacking the platforms. It’s an unmissable sight, especially in Piazza San Marco – but remember that the Piazza is the lowest point of the city with an 80-cm tide sufficient to flood it.


On top of it, fog may be frequent in the weather in Venice in November and it does create serious problems. When fog is too thick, waterbus (vaporetto) services are halted or restricted and the ACTV public transport service has a detailed emergency plan. The pro is that the mood of the city is unique. Sounds are muffled and halos grow out of the lampposts. In the grey light, gloomy steps are detected, foghorns are heard. There are some great films to watch that will give you a sense of this type of weather: catch Nicolas Roeg’s “Don’t Look Now”, the nonsensical “Yuppi Du” by Adriano Celentano, Enrico Maria Salerno’s “Anonimo Veneziano” or the cheap horror “Nosferatu” in Venice with Klaus Kinski and a memorable fog wrapped Piazza San Marco.

Anonimo Veneziano in Venice Italy

Scene from the film “Anonimo Veneziano”

Winter In Venice Essentials

1)BootsFor a good inexpensive pair of boots, rather than the pricey disposable ones on sale in all the tourist traps, visit the extraordinary general store “La Beppa”, in the still genuine and local area of San Francesco della Vigna. Comfort from the cold is definitely found in an ombra de vin (a glass of cask wine) and some homemade cicchetti so while you are in this area, hit “Alla Rampa da Tiziano”, near Campo della Bragora, for some warmth and good Venetian cheer.

  1. hi!tide Venezia AppAn absolute must to monitor the level of the water in the whole city, the hi!tide Venezia App is available on Apple Store and Google Play Store for mobile phones only. This is a real lifesaver as it gives updates information on the height of water on all the areas and bridges of Venice.

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