Weather in Venice Italy in December

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December in Venice is one of the coldest month of the year together with January. Temperatures may vary from – 2° to 8°, but this is much influenced year by year, so we strongly suggest you to check on Google the actual weather while you’re packing, to be sure to bring with you whatever is necessary to stay warm depending on the weather in Venice Italy in December.

Venice can be a difficult city to navigate. Get where you need to go stress-free – schedule a Prontopia local to assist you today!

But you don’t have to worry, in this post we’ll provide you with all the information you need to visit Venice in December and to enjoy the city at its best in any type of weather. In particular with tips for how to manage the main 4 types of weather occurrences that may happen in Venice in December: rain, snow, high water (“acqua alta“), and foggy weather.

Snow in Venice

Gentle evening dusting of snow in Venice in January 2018

How to get around in Venice when it’s snowing

During the last 2 years in Venice it has snowed 2 times, during December 2017 and during January 2018. Snow in Venice is amazing and we hope you’ll have the opportunity to see it since it makes the city even more magical than it already is.

Be careful when you walk and it’s snowing; especially if you’re getting from Piazzale Roma to Venice city center, it may be dangerous while you’re crossing Ponte delle Costituzione. The Bridge “Ponte della Costituzione,” which connects Piazzale Roma to the front of the Santa Lucia Train Station, was not designed with much safety consideration for snow or rain because it’s extremely slippery. For safety, it can be especially helpful to request in-person help from a Local getting where you need to go by using Prontopia to book a Local connection.

What to do in Venice when it’s raining

Raining in Venice may be quite annoying since walking around will become difficult and confusing. What we suggest you when it’s happening is to wait in a warm place for the rain to stop. Enjoy a tea at Fujiyama Tea Room, where you’ll taste the best teas in town. If you like hot chocolate instead we suggest you try one at Sulla Luna bistrot along the Fondamenta della Misericordia, in Cannaregio. Sulla Luna also has a nice bookstore to browse in the cafe, particularly with fun graphic novels. It is also great for kids in Venice!

In both the places you’ll be able to recharge your batteries and your smart phones if you need to 🙂

Zattere Sunset

A winter-time sunset along the Zattere, one of favorite spots among Venetians for an evening walk

How to get around in Venice during the high tide (Acqua Alta)

In December in Venice the phenomenon of “acqua alta”may occur. If it happens, you’ll have to buy some plastic boots (aka “wellies:) to be able to walk around. It’s going to be a bit uncomfortable but we definitely suggest it. You can find plastic boots for sale in Venice in December in shops for about 10 euros a pair. You’ll find them on every corner when the phenomenon occurs, every shop will have a pair to sell you. We suggest not to buy any boots for less than 10 euros since they’re probably going to break while you’re walking.

December what to wear in Venice

Prontopia Local Meris helping CEO Shannon find some warm comforting street food in December in Venice on a cold foggy day

How to get around in Venice when it’s foggy

When it’s foggy in Venice, vaporetto lines may change  their routes and also some may be cancelled due to safety concerns of poor visibility in the Grand Canal. If you’re planning to use the vaporetto to get around Venice, we suggest you check the Chebateo App in advance to be sure that the vaporetto line you need to take is still in service on its route.Fog can be extreme in Venice, so we suggest that you be prepared with some sort of light with you especially at thenight.

In case you need any help, we suggest you request a Local on-demand with Prontopia to help you get around town and not get lost during bad weather. Whereas getting lost in Venice can be fun on a beautiful day, it’s not very fun during freezing temperatures or difficult weather occurrences. Our Prontopia Locals love helping travelers get where they need to go safely and easily, every season! We hope to see you in Venice soon.

Extreme fog in Venice

Foggy weather can be extreme in Venice! You may want to carry a flashlight with you for safety

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