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Visiting Venice in November

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

Visiting Venice in November is a great idea if you want to spend less money and enjoy a bit of relax during a season that is much less crowded.Even though Venice never becomes totally empty of visitors, the month of November is one of the lowest seasons for travel: lodging prices go down and there are only a few events. Yet there are still many great things to do! November offers a chance to experience more local life in the city!

Here are our top local tips for visiting Venice in November:

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Visiting Venice in November  0

A foggy November day in Venice

1. Pack warm clothes and be prepared for rain and high water (Acqua Alta)

Oh yes, November is usually the rainiest and foggy month of the year, which is probably why it’s also low season in Venice. During November, the phenomenon of high tide (acqua alta) also occurs when the extreme tides of the Adriatic Sea flood the streets and squares of Venice.

On November 12th 2019, Acqua Alta has been uncommonly severe. If you wish to help Venice with the restorations, we wrote an article gathering all the initiatives that have taken place and the crowdfundings where people can donate.

What is needed to contrast the weather of this month?We recommend that you bring warm clothes, an umbrella or poncho, and then you can buy or borrow the rubber boots (wellies) that Venetians use during the high water when you are here. Small b&b’s or apartment hosts will often kindly provide guests with boots, and the city distributes elevated platforms for walking and alerts the town with a loud warning noise when the tidewaters are rising.

2. Don’t miss the Architecture Biennale before it ends

The 17th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale 2019 will finish on 24th November. It will be open exceptionally on 25th November too.Visiting the Venice Biennale during its final weeks of the year is a great time to see the exhibition as there will be almost nobody there but the architecture and pavilions are still beautiful.

Visiting Venice in November  1

Church of Madonna della Salute

3. Visit the Madonna della Salute church during the festival on November 21

The Madonna della Salute Festival is a significant event for local Venetians that occurs every year in Venice on November 21st.This festival  celebrates the end of the plague in 1631. At that time, the Republic of Venice decided to build the church of Madonna della Salute to commemorate the end of the tragic plague, and every year since that time, for one week pilgrims visit the church to give thanks.During the festival, over 100,000 people process across the Grand Canal on bridges of boats carrying candles to present in honor of the Madonna at the church. Visitors can buy a candle just outside the church and light it in the church: it is said that this will bring you good health for all the year.

During the festival, the church is surrounded by candy and food stands as well as the beautiful mobile bridge, made of boats, that crosses the Grand Canal.

4. Eat the San Martino cake on Festa di San Martino

Festa di San Martino, celebrated on November 11, is basically a Venetian Halloween, when all of the local children take pots and pans and other noisy instruments and go around from shop to shop, singing a typical song, and asking for candies or coins. The festival is held in honor of St.Martin and if you are lucky enough to be in Venice from the week before onwards you will find also the typical sweet cake that is prepared for the celebration: a delicious cake made of cookies with candies and chocolates in the shape of St. Martin on his horse with his sword.

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