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Venice Italy Events November 2018

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

November 2018

November in Venice is the month in which locals feel like they are the masters of their own city again. This doesn’t mean the legendary hospitality of the Venetians goes missing. On the contrary, this is when visitors can appreciate Venice at its best. With less crowds and a wonderful variety of Venice Italy Events November 2018 is lovely time to visit. We hope to see you here!

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Besides enjoying the city in its hushed melancholic mood, visitors can explore the many exhibits still open, including the Biennale Architecture at the main venues of Giardini and Arsenale (closed on Mondays; tickets €25 but reduced prices are offered) as well as at other locations scattered around the city. The last day to visit this world-renowned exhibition, this year curated by the Irish firm Grafton Architects, is 25th November.

Certainly, visitors are spoiled for choice with numerous other events happening this fall. But you must catch them by 25th November! “1948: The Biennale of Peggy Guggenheim” at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum celebrates the 70th anniversary of the presentation of the collection of modern artworks at the Biennale curated by Carlo Scarpa (closed on Tuesdays, tickets €15); at the Fondazione Vedova, on the Zattere, projects by Renzo Piano in relation with water can be seen in “Renzo Piano. Progetti d’acqua” (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays; tickets €8); “Memphis Plastic Field” at Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti honors the work of the early 80s Milan-based design group led by Ettore Sottsass (tickets €10, open daily). On the ground floor of the Palazzo, behind a blank door usually ajar, is a self-service canteen (open Monday to Friday 10–06, Saturday 11–3) where you can enjoy the treats prepared by Rosa Salva at the set price of €15 (drinks excluded).

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In addition to closing exhibitions, others will continue well into 2019 like the one that celebrates the 500th anniversary of Tintoretto in the three venues of Palazzo Ducale (open daily, tickets €13, including the visit of the Palace), Gallerie dell’Accademia (open daily, tickets €15) and the lesser known but just as magnificent Scuola Grande di San Marco (in the Campo SS. Giovanni e Paolo). The glass-making aficionados mustn’t miss “The M.V.M. Cappellin Glassworks and the Young Carlo Scarpa 1925-1931” at the Stanze del Vetro on the island of San Giorgio (free entrance, closed on Wednesdays) connected to the exhibition at the Negozio Olivetti“ La pelle del vetro. Carlo Scarpa at Venini 1936-1942” (tickets €8; closed on Mondays): two informative shows on the work of young Scarpa as a designer in Murano.

Some consider it a nuisance, some a spectacular sight. Whatever your opinion, November is the month of acqua alta. Find out all about it by reading our post on acqua alta and don’t forget to bring your knee-high boots!

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The Festa della Salute, another must-do event, on 21st November marks the end of the plague in 1638 for which the Basilica della Salute was erected as a thanksgiving to the Virgin Mary (on the main altar is the beautiful icon of Panagia Mesopantitissa carried from Crete). During this festival, a temporary bridge spanning the Grand Canal is built to allow people to take a shortcut to the church. Special dishes like the castradina, which are definitely not for any palate, are prepared for the day. Castradina is a soup made with smoked and then seasoned salted mutton with cabbage leaves, onions and wine. If you’re feeling gastronomically adventurous, many traditional restaurants offer it off the menu.

For a sense of autumnal Venice, catch Nicholas Roeg’s 1973 film _Don’t Look Now _with Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland. The quasi-supernatural thriller superbly captures the grey light that envelops the city during many of its coldest days.

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