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Prontopia Locals - Federica and Venice Transfers

December 16th, 2019 by Prontopia

Today we are very happy to present an interview with Prontopia Local Venetian Federica. We hope you enjoy her story, and have a chance to try some of her recommendations for local things to do and Venice transfers soon!

Venice can be a challenging city to navigate. Get where you need to go stress-free - schedule a Prontopia local assistant to help you today!

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My Neighborhood in Venice

My name is Federica, and I have a South African mother and a Venetian father. I have traveled a lot and  have also lived a lot abroad since my childhood. Finally, my family managed to settle in my grandmother's house in Venice, in the Cannaregio district. This was one of the most beautiful times I remember. I started at the elementary school that was right in front of my grandmother's house. For a child, living in Venice is the best! In addition to being able to walk to school alone there was also the fact that I could play with my friends in the Campo al Ghetto until the sun went down with no worries from my family.

Today I still live in the same sestiere -- Cannaregio.  After Castello, Cannaregio is the biggest in terms of both geography and the number of locals living there. The location of Cannaregio has a lot of significance: It is very close to Piazzale Roma and the Train Station so it makes locals’ lives easier if they work on the so-called “terra ferma” (mainland).

Cannaregio is very comfortable for visitors too, for the same reasons mentioned above, and we have to also consider that the area is convenient for arriving from the Venice and Treviso Airports as well! This is among the reasons why many quality local hotels and accommodations are in this area.

My job as a lot to do with this. I am one of the founders of a company organizing Venice transfers together with several partners. Our company, Taxi Venezia, shares the same values ​​with Prontopia about how to handle visitors in such a special city! Simply the same way we like to be treated when traveling! I love my job, because working in this way offers the greatest satisfaction for me and for travelers.

Prontopia Locals - Federica and Venice Transfers 1

Favorite Local Things to Do in Venice

  1. If I were you I would go straight for a walk, losing myself in the direction of the Jewish ghetto. If you want you can do a fun stroll trying to guess the story of this area by reading "nissioetti" walls. But to let you know, here the old ghetto is actually the new one and so on! So I suggest you  use the

    get around in Cannaregio, and the Ghetto.

  2. After a long walk there should be a good drink, so I suggest that you go to the wine bar (bacaro) “

    ” on the Fondamenta Misericordia at Cannaregio 2798 Fondamenta degli Ormesini.

  3.  Do not eat to many cicchetti at the Morosi, since I suggest for your meal to go at the

    . An experience you can’t miss at a kosher restaurant in the


  4. Not too far from there you can reach one of the most breathtaking sights ever, especially if the weather allows it. The place is around Fondamente Nuove, but I will not tell you where. It is a secret! But I can take you any time!

  5. Now it is sunset, and I think you are looking forward to having a good drink maybe with some music. If you are lucky very close to Piazzale Roma you will find a place called “

    ” (The Milk Shop), a jazz club with live music.

My General Do’s and Don’ts for How to Visit Venice Respectfully

Do take your time to look around and appreciate the magnificent city you are in.

Do try to respect the needs of Venetian locals, since they are not on holiday, so while you take your time as I suggest in point one, consider also the Venetian’s point of view by following the below guidelines:

Do not stand in the middle of the way to take a picture or hold tight on to your partner’s hand so that no one can pass! You will not get lost! Trust me (unless your partner should be looking for that!!)

Do mingle with locals, take pictures with them.

If you can go for a ride on a boat, and if you cannot pay euro 8.00 for a one hour ride on the number 1 public transportation. It will take you on the Canal Grande, from Piazzale Roma to Lido Island. Not bad, but make sure you take a seat outside, otherwise from a dream it could turn into a nightmare!!

Go to the Rialto market early in the morning, even if you do not have to buy any fish or fruit.

Do not sit and drink and eat in any place and after complain about the bill. Be sure to look at menu prices first to understand the prices where you are dining.

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