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How to Eat Gluten Free in Venice

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

If you are forced to gluten-free diet or simply want to avoid that mixture of proteins found in several cereals, while visiting Italy you’ll have a few options on how to eat gluten free in Venice.

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The European Union guidelines delineate that the term gluten-free refers to a food with 20 ppm or less of gluten while very low-gluten foodstuffs contain 20-100 ppm of gluten. Even though many places claim to offer gluten-free food, I would take them with a grain of salt. These are the best you can find in town.

How to Eat Gluten Free in Venice 0

Our all time favorite…La Zucca!

La Tecia Vegana (closed on Mondays and at dinnertime on Sundays) is in the peripheral quiet area of Santa Marta and offers 100% vegan dishes prepared only with organic products. Just opposite of the church of Frari, on the other side of the small canal, is Frary’s. It may look plain but it offers good varied dishes from all over the Mediterranean. For a good hearty meal in a down-to-earth scene, go to La Patatina on the San Polo bridge. Near the beautiful campo San Giacomo dell’Orio, visit Osteria La Zucca (closed on Sundays) that offers many and various dishes.

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Not far the main hospital and next to the splendid church of Miracoli, Antico Gatoleto is a restaurant with a menu offering delicious gluten-free pasta. Near Campo Santa Maria Formosa, you find Il Giardinetto da Severino, an old restaurant with a small pleasant garden. So great attention is paid to the topic of the gluten intolerance that it is recommended by the “AIC” (Italian Coeliac Disease Association) which guarantees the proper ingredients and cooking procedures.

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Fancy an ice-cream? Great gluten-free products are available at Gelateria da Nico, at Zattere, where their celebrated gianduiotto must be tasted once in your lifetime. Grom, a national chain of gelaterie, make all their gelato and sorbet suitable for celiac consumption. In Venice, there are four stores: at the railway station, in Campo San Barnaba, near the Ca’ d’Oro in Strada Nova, and near the Rialto Bridge in Salizada San Giovanni Grisostomo.

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The most famous ‘gianduiotto da passaggio’

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