What Can We Do To Help Venice and Venetians After The Acqua Alta?

December 14th, 2019 by Prontopia

We all heard what happened on November 12th in Venice. The incredible level that the high tide reached has only one precedent: the Acqua Grande of November 4th 1966, when the tide reached 190 cm. In fact, on November 12th the level of the water scored 187 cm, and the level of devastation left the world speechless.

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What’s been the damage to the city of Venice?

The count of damages to the city  is not over yet, and they are almost impossible to list thoroughly: the basilica is heavily damaged; many (work)shops are damaged and most of the products can no longer be sold; books and old manuscripts are destroyed; the ovens of the glassmakers in Murano were flooded and the production lost; newspaper stands have floated away; gondolas and other boats were smashed onto the pavement or stuck between calle…if you want to know more about what happened, we suggest you watch the interview with Luisella Romeo or read the articles of Monica Cesarato and La Venessiana.

You can also find a good in-detail summary of what happened here.

What can we all do to help?

First of all, do not avoid the city in the next weeks and months: the worst is gone and Venice is still here, beautiful and unique as it only can be, and it needs you to witness her.

Moreover, coming to Venice now, although heartbreaking, is helpful as it works as an incentive to the economy of the numerous shops that have lost so much.Sadly, many Venetians have lost almost everything they owned and many businesses are about to be shut forever. The most simple way to help those who keep struggling to stay afloat, when you are in Venice, is buying products from the local artisans and shops impacted by the acqua alta, or even shop online from them for your Christmas gifts. All these businesses are being monitored and mapped here, in an always updated list.


Fundraising has been implemented for many specific causes and even by small businesses. Many of the businesses in the list are felt like the heart of the city by residents and what keeps its life going. The truth is that, at the moment, they have very little chance of making it through without other people’s help.Look for a specific cause to donate in the following links :

General Fundraising For Institutions

If you do not have a specific cause you wish to donate to, there are also general options to help the Municipality of Venice and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage through direct donations. Here the details:

Sign the Petition

On Change.org a petition has been made to demand the collaboration of international organizations to step up and create an effective policy to protect the city.

Sign to save one of the world’s unique cultural treasures!

And if you are in Venice and want to discover the local side of the city, give your direct help or simply listen first hand how it’s been during the high water and what is being done to rescue the city, remember that you can always get in touch with a Prontopia Venice local.

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