Does Venice Italy Have A Beach?

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Venice Italy is known for its water (it’s everywhere!), but though there are canals everywhere, we recommend not taking a dip in them! Not only is it illegal (with fines up to €500), but it’s also dangerous and dirty due to boat traffic. So if you’re looking to cool down, you might be wondering: does Venice Italy have a beach? 

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Beaches at Venice Lido

The queen of Venetian beaches is the Lido. It is on one of the “breakwater” islands (the others being Pellestrina and Sant’Erasmo) that separate the lagoon from the sea. Venice’s Lido has given its name to the many other “lidos” around the world for a reason. The beaches are long and beautiful!

does venice italy have a beach

Lido is free to access, but if you want some amenities, you can rent umbrellas and chairs for a small fee and use the resort’s facilities. There are lots of  different kinds of resorts, so you can choose basic or luxurious options. Lido is plentiful!

To get there from Venice, take one of the many vaporetto such as line 1, 2, 5.1, 5.2, 6, 8 and the ship from San Zaccaria (line 12). In summer, Lido is connected directly with Murano and Sant’Erasmo.

Beaches at Pellestrina Island

does venice italy have a beach

Pellestrina, the island between Lido and Chioggia, is more secluded and picturesque. There is no direct line from Venice, so you need to go to Lido first and then take bus No. 11. Pellestrina featured a stone dam meant to protect the island from the erosion of the sea, and is considered an engineering masterpiece as it was designed by the Most Serene Republic in the 18th century: the Murazzi. The sandy beaches are small, but the Murazzi is still a popular place to sunbathe or swim. 

Beaches at Sant’Erasmo Island

Another cute beach is, surprisingly, on Sant’Erasmo. The island, the biggest of the lagoon after Venice, used to be the third breakwater island before the alluvium of the rivers that flowed into the lagoon created the peninsula now called Punta Sabbioni. The southern part of Sant’Erasmo, however, still faces the sea and has a small beach.

does venice italy have a beach

It is quite remote, but not deserted. There’s a restaurant and a few meters away there are large shallows called Bacan where you can swim. You do need a boat to get there, though, and many Venetians go there rather than Lido for their beach day. 

To get to Sant’Erasmo, take line 13 from Fondamente Nove and get off at the Capannone stop. From there, it is a short walk to the beach. Sant’Erasmo is also so-called the vegetable garden of Venice. It is famous especially for its purple artichoke and for wine tasting at Orto di Venezia.

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