Best Vegan and Gluten-Free Restaurants in Rome

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If pasta and pizza are the first foods that come to mind when you think about your food options in Rome, you might be pleasantly surprised by all the delicious vegan and gluten-free restaurants in Rome.

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1) Romeow Cat Bistrot

Located in the Ostiense neighborhood, the Romeow Cat Bistrot offers a wide variety of vegan dishes in a playful setting.

Whether you stop in for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or an aperitivo, you will be served healthy and interesting dishes – all surrounded by the gentle and reassuring presence of cats! This unique environment makes Romeow Cat Bistro one of the most famous vegan restaurants in Rome!

Vegan and gluten free restaurants in Rome Romeow Cat Bistrot

Elegant and delicate, the refined menu offers dishes where Roman tradition meets the lightness of the vegan cuisine.

2) Ma Va’?

This cute little restaurant offers vegan and vegetarian options for those who still want to experience the taste and intensity of Roman dishes.

For example, you might have heard of coda alla vaccinara, but never experienced its’ rich flavor. At Ma Va’?you can enjoy the revisited vegetarian version of it, seitan alla vaccinara!

Who would have thought that a vegan restaurant in Rome could still remain so typically Roman?

3) Vitaminas 24

Vegan and gluten free restaurants in Rome Vitaminas 24

Pigneto is a neighborhood that has a lot to offer, and this out of the ordinary restaurant is surely part of it. A variety of soups, quiches, burgers and desserts makes Vitaminas 24 the perfect choice both for lunch and for dinner.

If you are in the area for an aperitif, a selection of cheese with peculiar jams and organic drinks will be available from 6pm to 8pm. They have breakfast there, too! Organic coffee and homemade cakes could be a good start to the day.

4) Veg&Veg

The Mercato Centrale di Roma provides a space exclusively for vegan and vegetarian food. At Veg&Veg, burgers, salads, French fries, and smoothies are made right in front of you as passersby come and go around you. The lime vegan mayonnaise for your French fries and burgers is so rich in flavor that you may question whether it’s actually vegan or not!

5) Green&Go

Perfect for a quick and light lunch as you stroll around Rione Monti, Green&Go is another possibility when looking for vegan restaurants in Rome. The customers seem to appreciate the different combinations of salads and soups. Vegan desserts are also an option, which makes it perfect even for a mid-afternoon snack!

Vegan and gluten free restaurants in Rome Green&Go

6) Voglia di Pizza

Coming to Italy and not being able to eat pizza can be a cruelty. Voglia di Pizza can spare you this suffering!

Even though most restaurants now have gluten-free options, these options often aren’t as good as the rest of the menu. Instead, Voglia di Pizza makes sure that what it has to offer will leave the customer more than satisfied.

You will be able to choose among many different types of pizza and pasta and each dish has clearly stated if it is gluten and\or lactose free and vegan friendly. Open both for lunch and dinner, Voglia di Pizza has all the Roman specialties, and it’s perfect if you are visiting Rome and you want to get the whole experience!

  1. Mama Eat Roma

Mama Eat is a perfect stop if you are looking for a delicious yet gluten-free meal. The pizza here is amazing, to the point that some consider it the best gluten-free pizza in Rome, especially for its crust very close to the original pizza texture. Pizza is not the only option: but there is a whole menu to dig which applies to every taste!

2. Pantha Rei

Near the Pantheon, this little cozy restaurant serves delicious pasta, pizza, and sweets, all gluten-free. Recommended by many, it is very convenient for its position, which is perfect if you find yourself in the middle of a stroll around Rome.

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