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A Walk Off The Beaten Path In Rome

December 14th, 2019 by Prontopia

Discovering hidden places when you’re traveling is what turns a simple tourist into a real traveler. Trying to spot things off the beaten path in Rome can be a fun quest. Read more to unveil the hidden destinations for your next travel quest!

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Coppedé Neighborhood

A Walk Off The Beaten Path In Rome 0

This small neighborhood will surprise you with hidden beauty that you might not find in the most common tourist locations.

People often say that wherever you go in Rome, you will be amazed by the beauty mixed with history. While this is true, this unique neighborhood adds a peculiar touch to the Eternal City.

The architect Gino Coppedé designed and realized the neighborhood. Builders constructed it between 1913 and 1927, and it was originally a part of the Trieste neighborhood. Its many different traits (ancient Greek and Roman details, gothic fences and little towers, etc.) give it an eclectic look. Because of this, the area is to be considered connected to the Ecletism artistic movement.

In fact, the architectural styles of Coppedé neighborhood range from Baroque, to Art Nouveau, to medieval, to even ancient Greek. If you look closely, you can even spot some touches reminiscent of Salvador Dali, and you’ll wonder if you’re in Rome or Barcelona!

The neighborhood is located between Buenos Aires square and Tagliemento street and not too far from the elegant and fancy Parioli neighborhood.

The heart of the neighborhood is Minicio Square, with the Frogs Fountains that became the symbol of the area. It then develops all around it, counting more or less 40 structures, all full of details and unique beauty.

So, if you are in Rome and you are looking for more than the most popular and touristy spots, do not miss this one!

Testaccio Market

A Walk Off The Beaten Path In Rome 1

Not far from the Pyramid of Cestius, there is one of the most exciting things off the beaten path in Rome. The Testaccio market is very popular among Romans and is the perfect place if you are looking for a different and authentic culinary experience.

While it’s closed on Sundays, it is open every day from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am until 2 pm. Located between Beniamino Franklin street and Aldo Manuzio street, it offers visitors a place for some fresh food shopping and also a place for an out of the ordinary lunch.

Try Le mani in pasta if you are craving for some fresh hand made pasta that can be cooked right in from of you.

CasaManco if you are in the mood for pizza. They have so many different kinds that picking just a couple could be the most difficult thing you will have to face that day. Try as many as you can and go back the next day to have some more!

Fuori di Zucca for zucchini flowers is also a must. You have to try the famous breaded and fried zucchini flowers with melted mozzarella cheese and anchovies while in Rome.

So, make sure you visit the market on a day where your stomach is at its best!

Porta Portese Sunday Flea Market

A Walk Off The Beaten Path In Rome 2

Another unique experience off the beaten path in Rome!

This interesting flea market is quite interesting and takes place every Sunday from 8:00 am until 2:00 pm. It goes from Porta Portese square to via Portuense.

It is a place where you can literally find anything you can think of, but you must have the patience to dig into loads of stuff. If you re lucky and have a good eye, you might even find pieces of clothing of the most famous brands at an extremely low price.

Vintage jewelry from decades ago, paintings and antiques are just examples of what Porta Portese has to offer.

The market is often crowded with locals who are willing to spend the whole morning there just to find a good deal!

You might end up not buying anything (some items sold there could be a bit too cumbersome to bring on a plane!), but it is worth the experience.

Make sure you watch your belongings. Just like every crowded place, you never know if you end up running into someone with a different idea of private property!

Enjoy the quest!

These are just a few examples of things off the beaten path in Rome, but they will give you interesting and unique story to tell your family and friends once back home.

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©Photo Credits: Coppedè (Photo by Author); Pyramid of Cestius (Photo by Allie_Caulfield); Porta Portese Stand (Photo by Giulio)


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