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Is There Uber in Rome?

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

In many countries, getting from Point A to Point B often involves calling an Uber. However, the availability of Uber changes from location to location. Is there Uber in Rome? If you’re wondering if you can use Uber during your trip to Rome, the answer is: sort of.

In Rome, many taxi drivers accused Uber of being an unfair competitor and thus, UberPop (a compact version of Uber not available in the US) was declared illegal. The remaining legal Uber services you can use are UberVan, UberLux and UberBlack, which are services run by NCC licensed drivers. While this is a convenient option, these limitations mean that this service is not actually the cheapest option. These Uber services are primarily used by business travelers or people traveling in a group that can split the price and have the convenience of traveling together. 

Rome can be a difficult city to navigate. Get where you need to go stress-free – schedule a Prontopia local assistant to help you today!

If the answer to “Is there Uber in Rome” has left you confused, don’t panic! Let’s explore all the transportation options you’ll have during your trip.

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Can you Uber from the airport in Rome?

If your hotel is in the city center, you can find out how to get there from Fiumicino airport or the smaller Ciampino airport. 

You can also take a taxi from the airport, but make sure you don’t get scammed by illegal taxi drivers that will offer you a ride outside of the airport. You can spot legal taxi drivers because the taxis are white and their license number is clearly visible. You can call the 063570 or you can download the app MyTaxi to look for the nearest one and pay directly through the app without worrying about cash or payment option once your ride has begun. 

How Does Public Transportation Work in Rome?

For just 1.5€ per ticket, you can use three metro lines (A, B, and C), buses, and trams for 100 minutes (starting from the time that you start using the ticket). The metro lines are probably the fastest way to get around Rome. Metro A is the line mostly used by tourists as it reaches the main sites in Rome you would want to see while here. 

Buses travel frequently to the center of Rome, but they could turn into a nightmare if you need to go in the suburbs of the city. The main buses and trams leave from Termini, which is the main station in Rome if you want to go anywhere in Italy. Strikes are quite common in Rome, so make sure you will not be affected by one if you are planning to rely on buses or metro. 

If, unfortunately, you get caught by a transportation strike and you need to get a quick help from a local, request a local on-demand for immediate, in-person help in Rome from Prontopia.

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Photo by Mauricio Artieda on Unsplash

Renting a car in Rome

If you aren’t scared of the crazy driving in Rome and you want the freedom to go wherever you want and whenever you like, you could rent a car and feel just like a Roman.  

However, you should be aware that drivers in Rome are not well-known for respecting all the driving rules, so be ready for some wildness on the streets. Traffic can turn a 15-minute drive into an hour long one, which can waste time if your visit is short. 

Parking in Rome is also another thing to consider if you are thinking about renting a car. While the white parking is free, the blues parking has a 1€ per hour fee.

Also, remember that most historical sites are not reachable by cars, so you might have to add some walking to the driving as well! 

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Photo by Faruk Kaymak on Unsplash

Car sharing in Rome

Car sharing in Rome might even be a better option than renting a car!

The best option for car sharing are: 

  • Car2go: Simply download the app and create an account. Validate your driving license and look for a car nearby that is available. You can even book one in advance. The two-person car has a 0.19€ per minute, whereas the four-person car cost 0.21€ per minute. 

  • Enjoy: This works more or less the same as the above-mentioned company, and it still gives you the flexibility to drop your car off any time you do not need it anymore.

  • If you like to make new friends, BlaBlaCar is the perfect option for you! Once you download the app, you can see if someone else with a car is going where you need to go. You get a ride and you just help with the gas expenses. 

Walking in Rome with Prontopia

Walking in Rome might be the best and definitely the cheapest – as well as most eco-friendly – option you have! All the main attractions in Rome are located near each other and the scenic walks themselves are worth the effort. 

Whatever option you choose, make sure you contact a Prontopia local who will help you during your whole stay!

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