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Day Trips from Rome

December 14th, 2019 by Prontopia

Even though there are so many activities offered in the Eternal City, there are also a few day trips from Rome worth taking. Let’s explore! During the summer it can get unbearably hot, so let’s start by going to the beach.

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Santa Severa

In just one-hour long train ride for 4.10 euros, you can be in the little district of Santa Severa, which belongs to the Comune di Santa Marinella.

Day Trips from Rome 0

Famous for the Castello di Santa Severa, Santa Severa is a cultural escape and a perfect break from the heat. You can take a castle tour and hit the beach later! The public beaches are wide and the water is clean. You can find little kiosks on the beach that dispense snacks and refreshing drinks. Some Romans go there in the afternoon with food and drinks and stay after the sunset. 

Anguillara Sabazia

If you are more of a lake person, Anguillara Sabazia is the place for you. It is a cute little town built around Lake Bracciano and is less than an hour-drive from Rome. 

A boat tour of the lake could be a fun activity both for adults and kids. Afterward, go on a walk by the lakefront and sunbathe if the weather is nice! A dinner in the many restaurants around the lake would be the perfect ending of a fun day trip from Rome.

Day Trips from Rome 1

Castelli Romani

A few little towns compose the Castelli Romani area, just outside of Rome. The most famous towns are:

  • Ariccia – famous for wine and Porchetta

  • Frascati – an elegant town surrounded by vineyards

  • Castel Gandolfo – mostly known for the papal residence in the summer

The train from Roma Termini to Marino is one option, but a car would give you more freedom to go from little town to the other.


Once you cross the border from the Lazio region and enter Umbria, Assisi is one of the pearls of Italy. Famous for Saint Francis and Saint Claire, Assisi has an important cultural and religious value.

Day Trips from Rome 2

You could take the regional train from Termini station for only 10 euros and be in Assisi in only two hours. A bus will take you to the historical part of the city where you will not need any other mean of transportation but your own feet.

Walk to the top of the highest hill and you will find a beautiful castle with a breathtaking view of the whole city. This will add an adventurous and outdoorsy touch to a trip full of churches, little streets, and food.

Ostia Antica

Another day trip from Rome could be a trip to Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica is the perfect destination if you couldn’t get enough of the ancient Roman ruins in Rome. You just need to go to San Paolo station and catch the train Roma-Lido and get off at Ostia Antica. A five-minute walk and you will find yourself in what was once an important harbor for the ancient Romans

Day Trips from Rome 3

You can go visit the Roman theatre, where Romans played out on stage shows (especially in the summer). Ruins of the Terme dei Sette Sapienti are also worth a visit. Take a look at how complex and efficient their baths were!

After the cultural visit, you can either take the same train back to Rome, or you can continue to Ostia Lido. A walk by the harbor and a dinner by the beach would add some romanticism to your time travel experience.


You might think they are too far apart from each other, but taking a day trip from Rome to Naples is definitely feasible.

Day Trips from Rome 4

A direct train from Roma Termini will take you to Napoli Centrale in a little over an hour. Once you’re there, you can walk around and visit the most historical part of the city, or take the just renovated metro with interesting mosaics in every station. While in Naples, Sfogliatelle and pizza Napoletana are a must!

Civita di Bagnoregio

Civita di Bagnoregio is one of the main attractions near Rome, and it’s perfect for a day trip either by car or public transportation.

Due to erosion over time, Civita Di Bagnoregio is called ‘the dying city’. The city looks like it is stuck in a magical atmosphere, and you can only reach it by taking a long bridge with a breathtaking view.

Day Trips from Rome 5

Reaching Civita is not complicated. Take a train from Rome to Viterbo or Orvieto, and then take a Cotral bus to Civita. You can also take a car if you are willing to drive a little bit more than one hour and a half!

And since you are already there, spend some time in Orvieto to go to the Duomo!

Before you decide any of these destinations, make sure you contact one of our locals who can give you some hints and tips on where to go and when!

Photo Credit: Santa Severe (Photo by Fczarnowski), Anguillara Sabazia, Assisi (Photo by Lachlan Gowen), Roman Ancient Paintings, Naples (Photo by Montse Monmo), Civita di Bagnoregio (Photo by Giuseppe Mondì)


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