Neighborhoods in Barcelona

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Knowing your way around a city’s neighborhood is like having a key to the city. Each neighborhood has its own unique vibe, a completely different set of characters, and different activities to enjoy. Our Barcelona Locals range from born-and-raised Spaniards to student-turned-residents, and they have shared everything they have learned about the neighborhoods in Barcelona. Take a look!

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According to our Locals, the Born neighborhood is the perfect place to be if you want to enjoy authentic tapas and delicious cocktails. The neighborhood is a little on the fancier side, so it’s a wonderful place to enjoy an afternoon or evening out.

barcelona neighborhoods

Barrio Gotico

Barrio Gotica, or Gothic Quarter, is a very touristy area in Barcelona. This can be a downside for some, but it does mean that it’s very busy and you can find everything you need. There are lots of narrow streets full of small souvenir shops.

Neighborhoods in Barcelona

El Raval

The El Raval neighborhood is a multi-ethnic area full of culture, cuisine, and art. Of particular interest is the MACBA, or the museum of modern art. However, there are some seedier areas so just take care when you navigate this area at night, especially if you’re alone.

Neighborhoods in Barcelona

La Barceloneta

The La Barceloneta enjoys a rich history as a fishing town, establishes relatively late in the history of Spain. It is close to the beach and the port. Though it’s a bit touristy in some places, it’s by far the best neighborhood to go if you’re in the mood for fish or seafood.

barcelona neighborhoods


Our Barcelona Locals shared that the Gracia neighborhood is one of their favorite places to hang out (book a connection, and maybe they’ll take you there!). Gracia is family-friendly and very safe. It has tiny streets and it isn’t touristy. Gracia is the best place out of the neighborhoods in Barcelona to go for tapas and a glass of vino tinto (red wine).

This is also a great place to stay, as it’s quiet, safe, and very walkable.

Neighborhoods in Barcelona

Which neighborhood was your favorite? Let us know!

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