How to Get to San Miniato al Monte

December 13th, 2019 by Prontopia

While Piazzale Michelangelo is the most well-known place with stunning views of Florence, there are other spots from which you can take amazing souvenir shots and enjoy the Florentine panorama. Among the best photo spots in Florence, there is the viewpoint of San Miniato al Monte and it takes its name from the complex of the XI-XIII centuries Romanic Basilica and its monumental cemetery and crypt. Discover with us in this article how to get to San Miniato al Monte from central Florence.

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How to get to San Miniato al Monte with public transport

If you want to reach San Miniato by bus, you have plenty of options. We have noted down some routes from the main points of Florence – the station, Duomo and San Marco – but if you find yourself in another area of the city there will still be plenty of bus options, only perhaps with a bus change halfway. 

  • From Santa Maria Novella railway station, you can walk to Pescaia di Santa Rosa and take bus n 12 heading to Piazzale Michelangelo* and get off at the stop San Miniato al Monte. This is a 35-minute-long route and also the most common one

  • From Santa Maria Novella railway station, you can also walk to Piazza Sauro and take bus n C3 heading to Piazza Beccaria and get off at Torrigiani Chiesa Luterana. C3 buses are much more frequent than buses n 12 and can be found in more points in the city. However, this option only allows you to skip the flat part of the route and leaves you to walk uphill for 20 minutes. This is a 35-minute-long route. 

  • From Piazza Duomo, you can walk to the bus stop Roma Duomo (Via Roma) and take bus n C1 heading to Santa Maria Soprano and get off at Diaz. This is a similar journey to C3, so you’ll have to hike from the lungarno to San Miniato. This is a 30-minute-long route. 

  • From Piazza San Marco, you can take bus n 23 heading to Croce A Varliano or Sorgane and get off at Piazza Poggi. As with bus n C3, you’ll have to do the hiking yourself

  • From Piazza San Marco, you can walk to bus stop Della Robbia (in Via dei Della Robbia) and take bus n 13 heading to Il David and get off at the final stop Il David. This is a mixed option as you’ll still have to walk, but only from Piazzale Michelangelo, so less hiking will be involved. 

*All buses go into two, sometimes three different directions. You can check the direction on the bus stop board, then on the top orange bar or directly ask the driver. 

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How to get to San Miniato al Monte by walking – the sporty way

If you like challenges and enjoy hiking, you might want to walk to San Miniato. Just a little disclaimer: this is quite a challenging route and it’s not exactly for the faint-hearted. Most of it is uphill and it can get very hot and sticky if you go there in the summer. But if you go to San Miniato with a nice weather and look forward to the final reward – Florence’s best view – this might be the right option for you. 

You can start from Piazza Pitti (it will take 25 minutes from here), reach Ponte Vecchio and walk all the way to San Niccolò by passing through either the Lungarni (the roads along the river) or the smaller alleys (this is a quicker option). Once you have reached Porta San Miniato, you can climb up to Via delle Porte Sante until you reach this majestic skyline of the city. If you’d rather follow this route with a map, you can download Google Maps if you have roaming or an offline map such as CityMaps2Go, or even use an old-fashioned paper map. 

Oh, and make sure you wear some comfortable trainers and bring some water! 

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©Photo Credits: Photo by Graeme Churchard, Photo by Francesco Gasparetti

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