Get around Italy like a Local with the Prontopia App

Arriving to Venice, Rome and Florence can be hectic and stressful

Why waste time and money, when you can connect with a friendly local to show you the way?

Prontopia Local Connection fees are charged by the minute at a rate of €0.33 / minute.
Help getting from the train station to your hotel or apartment can cost as little as 15 euro!
 Connect with a Local on Prontopia for in-person help with how to get around Venice, Rome and Florence. Avoid stressful, costly, and unsafe mistakes getting from the train station or airport to city center, or anywhere you need to go, and enjoy a better experience in the city with a friendly Local.

Register and book your connection with a Local here, it’s free! There are no cancellation fees and you will be charged only when the connection ends.

Arriving and leaving the city would have been much harder without our fabulous locals
Carmen C.
It was like having a friend to share our travels with.
Paul C.
Our Local told us about unsafe places in the city and how to avoid scams.
Tracy G.

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