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With travelers from all over the world, welcome them as you were their friend or relative in the city, and help local city residents in need
Your love and your knowledge of the city, discover its new places and secrets, and lend a helping hand to the local community
Travelers to get around the city or with any other need, and city residents in need of a little support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is exactly a Prontopia local assistant?

A Prontopia local assistant is a person who lives in the city where (s)he applies and who knows very well how to get around. (S)he is able to give logistical help and tips about Restaurants, things to do with kids, etc. A Prontopia local assistant is a trusted person, like a friend or a long-lost cousin that gives traveller(s) an authentic perspective of the city. Prontopia local assistant assistants help travelers with getting around the city, for example, arriving at lodging easily from the train station, lending a helping hand to carry light luggage or shopping items, or locating a place to store luggage, understanding local transit, translating, getting to a must-see sight, restaurant or activity easily, and avoiding unsafe common traveler mistakes.

Is it a job that requires assistance via App (remotely) or in-person assistance?

In order to do this job, you need to be available in person, to give assistance to the customer(s) by meeting personally. Before this meeting, you will contact the customer(s) also via the App.

Can I work from home?

No, you will organize the meeting via the App. Once you are on-duty, you actually need to go and meet the customer(s).

Can I use my own vehicle with the customer(s)?

No, we ask you to use only public transport or to go on foot when you are going with the customer(s). Sometimes they might ask to take a taxi or an NCC. Before and after the meeting with the customer(s), you are free to use your own means of transport.

What kind of availability/schedule will be required?

We ask you to tell us what is your availability so that we know when we can count on you. Otherwise, it is a very flexible schedule and you can choose when to be available.

How long does it take to become a Prontopia local assistant?

If everything goes smoothly, depending on how long it will take you, from 5 to 10 days.

Why can’t I book an interview?

If you’re trying to book an interview and there aren’t any available, this means all of our slots are currently full. Please kindly select another day that is available on the calendar.

I downloaded the App but it doesn’t work.

In order to be verified and activated as a Prontopia local assistant, you need to pass the selection process with our recruiters. Please book the interview as the first step on the website.

Do I have to be a licensed Guide or Tour Leader to become Prontopia local assistant?

No, to become a Prontopia local assistant you are not required to have the tourist guide nor tour leader license. If our customer(s) need a professional guide or tour leader, Prontopia local assistants refer this request to the Prontopia office and we can book with our network of licensed professionals who can assist the customers.