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Your clients connect with a friendly Local, on-demand or pre-scheduled, at the exact moment they need help.

Get better reviews

When your clients connect with a Local, they arrive more punctually, informed and happy.

Save Time and Money

Prontopia becomes your clients’ affordable on the ground logistical assistance.

Prontopia is an app that connects you or your clients with a local, on-demand or pre-scheduled, for help solving common travel-related problems and needs around the city.

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Prontopia enables us to provide clients with a more meaningful experience and minimize their stress during the trip, especially during transitions, by helping them get easily to their hotel or apartment, guided tour, or special restaurant reservation.
Gianny T.
Trip Planner at Elaia Travel
Prontopia Locals are just the perfect assistant to help my guests to get to my B&B meanwhile I prepare their checkin.
Mario B.
Apartment Manager in Venice

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