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Coronavirus Quarantine: Things to Do at Home

March 16th, 2020 by Prontopia

As more and more countries are declaring a lockdown, we are all resigning our travel plans and getting creative with our self-quarantines. If you're looking for some tips on things to do and how to structure your days during this coronavirus quarantine, then we have some tips for you! (Do you have more ideas? Share with us on Twitter and we'll add them!)

This is an unprecedented time. In response, Prontopia is offering free local assistance in Venice to those who are the most susceptible to coronavirus. If this is you (or a family member or loved one), used this form to request assistance.

We believe that in times characterized by uncertainty, that it's important that we seek to support and empathize with one another. This is a time to remember our common humanity, to extend a hand, and to seek to be a part of the solution.

We are all responsible for ourselves and others right now. And however harsh it may sound, one of the best advice to protect everyone now is to #stayhome as much as possible, in order to avoid further spreading of the virus. As we know, travels have already been restricted and many countries are shutting down schools, museums and theaters.

Let's see ways to spend time at home, so that we can all do our part:

Things To Do at Home With Kids

Coronavirus Quarantine: Things to Do at Home 0

There are plenty of solutions to have both you and your kids enjoy the time you spend at home, that's because no matter how bored you feel, there is always activities one can come out with. So simply find or something to do, be creative! Here a list of our favorite:

  • Have an indoor scavenger hunt

  • Play board games

  • Throw an indoor picnic

  • Build a pillow or umbrella fortress

  • Film a fake cooking show

  • Learn to paint together or make some DIY artsy collages

  • Write a play together and let your kids play it - you can also film it!

  • Make a family scrapbook

  • Have an "art attack"

  • Learn to do origami

  • Use colored transparency sheets to make DIY window art

  • Choose a theme and have a costume night

  • Spa day with your kids - foot soaks, painting nails, bubble baths, crazy hair dos

Use your creativity and have fun with them while stimulate their minds to always come out with new games and play!

Things To Do At Home Without Kids

Coronavirus Quarantine: Things to Do at Home 1

It is not always easy choosing to stay home when you are alone or your friends are somewhere else, but finally you can have time for yourself. Finally enjoy reading that book you couldn't finish, write that short story you were working on and so on. There is always work to do!

A huge help also comes from online portal who are offering services for free, for example:

Apart from the obvious tidying up, watering plants and making laundry, as you see there is plenty of things you can do staying at home. Just relax, slow down your pace of life and stay safe!

And if you are part of a risk group, Prontopia is here to help!

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